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The Ambitious gives each client an opportunity to review their job interview training. We take pride in reading our clients and learning how the ambitious helped change their outlook on their future job interview.

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the coach for free reviews
the coach for free reviews
the coach for free reviews


Customer Care

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

Big thank you for helping me with preparation and making me feel a lot more confident!


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Communication Manager

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I recommend "The Ambitious" based on my experience with the concept. During my job interview preparation we went through the job description and all the questions asked were meant to train me to be prepared for almost any questions. I also got the preparation form which was useful to practice afterwards. We also discussed how to manage my stress. For the price I paid, it was totally worth it. 


Finance Intern

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

As someone with anxiety and little confidence, I have a hard time selling myself. Therefore, I approached The Ambitious to help me prepare for future interviews. Madeline told me exactly what I shouldn't do and what I should do during an interview. She showed me how I could give a positive twist to my weaknesses and how to bring forward my strengths more. She also helped me identify a few of my strengths and showed me ways to leave the best impression on the interviewer. Thanks to these tips, I think I will do better and be more comfortable in future interviews.


Estate Agent  

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I was anxious about my job interview, so I decided to seek help with a professional. I was coached by Madeline to identify problems and develop solutions. She even helped me with appearance and body language. I totally recommend the job interview preparation!


CSR Agent

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

Great way to get started after graduation! I had issues identifying my strengths.  I did not know how to “sell” myself to HR especially with the limited internship experiences I had. If you are like me, who needs guidance to find professional strengths and self-confidence.


Digital Project Executive

Booked a Job Search Booster

Living in Paris, the job market is a little tight, as recently graduated, there are many jobs but also rough competition. I decided to change my career orientation from what I studied. I got a training with the ambitious and it helped me highlight and make the hiring manager forget about my little experience in the domain of the job opening. I loved having support and find great interview motivation.


Private Accounts Manager

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I needed a change in my work routine; I applied to several companies but one in particular was the company I wanted to work for, I booked 1h here to train and prepare my job interview and I wanted to make sure I was fully ready so I booked another one: I got the job I wanted in the company I really love. Thank you!


Amazon Specialist

Booked a Job Search Booster

After 6 months of looking for a Job, I could never get any interviews and was always refused by managers. In this session, we have reviewed my resume and my LinkedIn profile, I feel much more confident with my resume and application in general!


European Project Engineer

Booked a Job Search Booster

I think the quality of the coaching was unexpected for the price, I checked other websites before and I saw that pricing went up to a few hundreds euros, so I tried and I just liked it. It was fun and I learned a lot. The coaching was straight forward, I recommend it!


HR Project lead

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

The next step in my career was to apply for a manager position. I asked the help of the ambitious when the price was affordable and the reviews were great. I was coached by Madeline who completely focused my coaching training on the fact that I was applying to a manager position. I needed this, she got me answering thinking of the hiring manager challenges and perspective which is what a hiring manager wants to hear especially applying for a manager position. I am now a few months in the role and I am very happy.


Trade Marketing Specialist

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

Happy I gave it a try! I was in the midst of an interview preparation for a career opportunity I really wanted to grasp within my current company. I was looking online for some tips and tricks and stumbled on Jointheambitious.com. I am always a bit sceptical about online services that help to succeed in career but compared to other offerings online, here it was very affordable. So I decided to take the risk and try it. I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t disappointed! Madeline is clearly well experienced when it comes to job interview preparations. It feels like someone genuinely trying to help you to find your strengths and weaknesses during a job interview and giving constructive feedback. Madeline gave me an extra boost in self-confidence and gave me some tips. She even advised me to prepare a presentation for the manager which I was sceptical about at first, but when I had the job interview the manager and HR assistant clearly weren’t expecting it and were positively surprised! I am almost certain that this first, strong impression was what made me get the job.


Customer Care Manager

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

My coach helped me to showcase my strengths for a higher management position. Though I considered myself experienced in this area, Madeline was able to effectively narrow down the message I was trying to get across. The job interview was a success!


Legal assistant

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I liked the experience, I felt very comfortable with my coach. Booking is very simple and I did not have to worry too much with a lot of preparation, the pre-form is good to already make me think and start preparing my interview. Thanks a lot, I am now waiting for the final answer to the company I applied to.



Booked a Job Interview Preparation

5 stars for the ambitious, super nice experience and my job interview preparation felt different than the one I did before. I felt I was much more ready to go and sell myself as the best candidate. I think I gained trust after 2 hours booked with them.


Graphic Designer

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I booked a session here because I wanted to move from a junior to a senior position, I explained my situation to my coach, and we worked a full hour on selling my seniority in my job interview answers. I started my new job last week, very happy to see my career moving up! I am happy I could get coached for this price, thank you!


Sr. Data Scientist

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I applied to an internal position in my current company, the type of preparation is slightly different than when applying to an external one. For this reason, I wanted to go the extra mile in my job interview preparation. I enjoyed the preparation with Madeline, she experienced internal growth in her career and her advice, tips, interview motivation and preparation were a great added value to my application.  


Resource Planner

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

Thanks for the insightful publications and the great working on coaching me for an interview. You brought my attention to important items that I have missed in the job description and because of that I feel more confident and prepared! 


Events Coordinator

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I booked a session with the ambitious for an application that I made to a job in a different region. I wanted to ensure I convinced my audience that I would be the right fit for a relocation. Interview motivation was what I was struggling with. I spent 3 hours preparing with my coach and I went to my job interview with all the tools I needed. Thanks guys!


Preschool Assistant

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

My coach was super nice, I like how she spotted very quickly my weaknesses and taught me how to counter it. Thank you!


Competitive Intelligence Manager

Booked a Job Interview Preparation

My domain of expertise is very competitive, the coaching here is very straightforward and I think it gives me additional strength to show the best professional version of myself during my job interview and I got the interview.