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Leiden, Netherlands

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July, 12th

About the Role

About the Role:

CrowdStrike is seeking a Sales Engineer to be part of a team responsible for changing what the security market and customers believe is possible with next generation endpoint technology.

This role will place you at the heart of one of the most innovative cyber security companies in the market. With direct access to the latest technology, the freshest intelligence and the biggest customers this great time to join the fight.

A Sales Engineer at CrowdStrike is unlike any other Sales Engineer in the business. The role is all about trust, gaining it from your technical counterparts, earning it from your customers and then helping the community with providing insights into how overcome advanced adversaries.

Clearly a big part of the role is being out there with customers, showing them our product, understanding their security issues and then helping them solve them with the right tool from our suite of tools.

As a SAAS platform we are agile, with a capital A, so the feedback you will collect from our customers or prospects will need to communicated back to our product and engineering teams. Unlike other roles in this field feedback does not go a ticketing system to die. CrowdStrike releases new code and features every two weeks.

We assume you a naturally curious and keen to impart all that accumulated knowledge to your peers, customer and partners either directly, over webinar or at tradeshows.

Stuff will go wrong, when was it any other way, and that’s when we expect you to step up and manage situation with our excellent support teams to resolution.

Lastly, we are here to sell, so we need your insights into deals, their progress and essentially if our prospects problem is something we can solve. And if it is big enough of a problem from them to want to solve it with us. You have been doing this for years but here you have a voice.

A word on your skills. You need to love incident response, malware analysis, forensics or security analytics and you may even come from a practitioner background in this field. We want credible people with real skills, this is no place for high level knowledge. You will be questioned and queried by some of the best in the business, our customers, so you have to able to talk to anyone, manage and resolve tough problems. Sounds fun doesn’t it.

Attacker innovate at an alarming rate and so do we. We got twelve new API’s last release, so you need to have a desire to understand and energy to keep up your skills. You’ll be backed by training, but training takes time and our advisories work at a fast pace.

We don’t care how you came to cyber security but we care that you care about it and what to develop in this world of ours.

You will be located in Netherlands, with Dutch and English fluency.


Benefits of Working at CrowdStrike:

Market leader in compensation and equity awards
Competitive vacation policy
Comprehensive health benefits
Paid parental leave, including adoption
Flexible work environment
Wellness programs
Stocked fridges, coffee, soda, and lots of treats

About the Company

At CrowdStrike we’re on a mission - to stop breaches.

Our groundbreaking technology, services delivery, and intelligence gathering together with our innovations in machine learning and behavioral-based detection, allow our customers to not only defend themselves, but do so in a future-proof manner.

We’ve earned numerous honors and top rankings for our technology, organization and people – clearly confirming our industry leadership and our special culture driving it.

We also offer flexible work arrangements to help our people manage their personal and professional lives in a way that works for them.

So if you’re ready to work on unrivaled technology where your desire to be part of a collaborative team is met with a laser-focused mission to stop breaches and protect people globally, let’s talk.