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Food procurement tools for restaurants and suppliers.

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UX Researcher

🤔 Short Description: UX Researcher with 2+ years of experience to help us (1) deeply understand our users' needs, fears and motivations, and (2) evangelise user-centred processes within not only the team but the company. As the first dedicated researcher, you will collaborate closely with the Product team on defining our research strategies, from methods to execution.

🏌️‍♂️Three Core Skills: (i) Organised and autonomous; (ii) Analytical and iterative; (iii) Clear communicator.

😋 Main Requirement: demonstrable experience defining and applying user-centred methods (quantitative & qualitative), analysing user behaviour analytics, and evangelising user-centred methods.

🗣️ Language: English is mandatory, Spanish and Italian are a plus. Our working language is English, and our customers' language is mostly Spanish and Italian.

📌 Location: The Product team is fully remote. You can also work from our offices in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) or Italy (Milan and Turin). For this position, we will prioritise candidates that are based in Spain or Italy, as this can facilitate the logistics of in-person research when needed.

What makes Katoo unique?
We want to make a change in the industry and take suppliers & restaurants to 2021 - by giving them access to the best digital tool and making their operations faster, cheaper and more efficient.

To get there, we are focused on hiring people who share our values and principles. We call it TACOS 🌮

Tenacity: we focus on impact.
Ambition: we make big, bold bets.
Client-first: we are bounded to our clients.
Ownership: we are all bosses.
Socialisation: we foster socialisation between cross-functional departments.
Ok, but what is the UX Researcher role about?
In sum, the UX Researcher role is about (1) deeply understanding our users' needs, fears and motivations, and (2) evangelising user-centred processes within not only the team but the company.

As the first dedicated user researcher of Katoo, you will:

Build the foundation. Collaborate closely with the Product team on defining our research strategies, frameworks and methods.
Be the users' guardian. You will be seen as the closest person to our users in the company. This also means helping the Product & Tech teams make decisions based on user data, instead of vague personal assumptions.
Understand and work for our users. You will conduct generative and evaluative research (user interviews, surveys, shadowing, participatory design, usability testing, user analytics... you name it) to understand our users' needs, fears and motivations. You will guarantee it is communicated and valued accordingly.
Amplify the user's voice within the company. You will grow and evolve our user feedback's database and our Beta Testers program, facilitate sessions with multiple stakeholders, communicate learnings, etc. in order to help the organisation understand and empathise with our users. You will develop deep, research-driven product expertise and help the company become user-centric.
Own the product - as well. You have to master how our products integrate with the customers' lives - online and offline - and be continuously looking for ways of improving them.
Run and participate in Design Critiques. A culture of healthy feedback is not only encouraged but required. Why go alone if we can make progress together?
What about the person we're looking for?
Over 2 years of User Research experience at a consumer-focused company. It is particularly welcome to have experience in our sector or B2B startups.
Demonstrable experience applying user-centred methods in order to better understand the audience and ship work that meet the user needs at scale.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods.
User behaviour analytics (e.g. Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.).
A/B Testing is a plus.
Yet, has a pragmatic approach to research and knows that speed is important. You call for user researches when needed, but you also feel comfortable placing bets and helping the team learn along the way when research is not needed upfront.
Great storyteller and communicator, able to speak fluently to business people, designers, engineers and other stakeholders (in English).
It will be fundamental that this person believes and practices the following values:

Organised & Autonomous: as we grow, teams will start focusing more on specific initiatives. However, until this happens the short-term reality could be a mix of multiple projects in different phases.
Clear communication: the User Researcher will be constantly involved in cross-team collaboration. Communicating effectively is fundamental to make sure all teams are aligned and fully contextualised.
User-centred: we value people who focus on generating a positive impact on our customers. The User Researcher, along with Product Designers, is the guardian of the users' and must work to learn more about them and preserve their interests while meeting the company's business goals.
Analytical & Iterative: you take a hands-on approach to your research and is encouraged by iterations on how to make it better. You seek and give constructive feedback and data analysis on your and your team's work.
Collaborative and lightweight: we work as a team, not as individuals. We ask every team member to consider the impact of your work on others and look for ways of improving and growing together.
Be yourself. We believe diversity is a requirement for successful teams. We would rather have intense constructive debates than a room where everyone thinks the same way.
How is the Product & Tech teams structured?
Formed by international talent, you would be colleagues with people from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and India 🇪🇸🇧🇷🇦🇷🇵🇱🇱🇹🇧🇬🇮🇳.
English is our official language.
Product and Tech teams are distributed and work fully remote.
Async work is encouraged, but sync work is also needed. Although we would love to have you working whenever you feel like doing it, we are conscious of our organisation limitations at the moment. We are growing fast and adapting on the way. Because of this, we require the team to work on Central European Time to be enough time in sync with the rest of the team.
What do we offer?
🗓️ Start date: as soon as possible. If you want a date, it would be yesterday!

📌 Location: Remote. For this position, we will prioritise candidates that are based in Spain or Italy, as this can facilitate the logistics of in-person research when needed.

📜 Full-time contract.

👩‍⚕️ Comprehensive private health insurance (currently available for people living in Spain and Italy).

🔀 Benefits card to spend on kindergarten, transportation and food (currently available for people living in Spain).

🌴 Attractive holidays package.

⏳ Flexible working environment. There are no fixed office hours.

💪 Being part of a growing team in one of the most high-paced startups in Europe, with plenty of room for personal and professional development.

🌮 A young and ambitious team that knows when to work but also when to have fun (company events, weekly lunches, beers😀🍻, etc.).

We highly recommend you include a portfolio link in the application. If you don't have a portfolio, a Google Docs with some bullet points and URLs are better than nothing :)