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Aug, 26

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Talent Acquisition Manager


Thanks for checking out our job description for a Talent Acquisition Manager at Impala. We felt a little bit impersonal just diving straight in with words like “revolutionising” and “disrupting”.

As such, we apologise in advance for any clichés, tropes or sudden-insecurity-driven-panic-attacks that you might find in the description below.

All that aside though, we’re pretty proud to be listed number 2 in London’s best startups to work at in 2021; listed as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in London to accelerate your career in 2021; and featured in Sifted's Top European Startups in 2021.

Life and Logistics

Follow this link to find out more about progression, wellness, culture and benefits, and more, at Impala. We think it's a pretty great place to work, and we're proud to share some insight as to why.

We'd love to intro you to some of our Exec team here at Impala.
Our CEO, Ben Stephenson
Our CMO, Caroline Hudack
Our Chief of Staff, Jo Conneely

A brief overview of what you will be doing here:

As a Talent Acquisition Manager you will be central to helping Impala achieve our mission by:

Working with teams to attract and hire highly engaged and diverse talent into the business
Taking end-to-end ownership of each stage of the recruitment lifecycle
Helping scale the talent function by implementing new and optimising existing processes

You should join us if:

Your an experienced recruiter who has helped scale high performance teams.
You understand that each team member is important and never compromise on quality.
You’re great at building relationships with others, especially hiring managers.
You have experience building partnerships to help identify their talent needs.
You enjoy full lifecycle talent acquisition: researching, sourcing, screening, and closing for multiple roles and teams.
You’re passionate about ensuring exceptional candidate experience during all interview stages.
You know the importance of maintaining a strong pipeline of passive candidates for open roles.
You are passionate about, and experienced in, building diverse teams.
You have experience implementing and optimising operational processes that increase efficiency in hiring practices.
You're an excellent communicator and team player who appreciates the balance between getting things done and making time for fun.
You thrive on excellence, autonomy and questioning conventional wisdom.
You share our organisational vision of democratising travel and enabling innovation across an entire industry.
You thrive on excellence, autonomy and questioning conventional wisdom.

You shouldn’t join us if (we want to be as honest and transparent as we can):

You value stability in a product and company, over change and fast-growth.
You shy away from candour and fast-paced environments.
You think lofty goals are better left to renovation builders.

What is Impala?

At Impala we’re solving an exciting, complex problem that has held back the hotel industry, if not the entire travel industry, for 20 years.

We're making it ridiculously easy for innovators to integrate with hotels, via our (frankly delightful..) API’s.

This democratises access for hotels and innovators alike, enabling and encouraging so much more innovation in travel. We believe the industry can, should and will do better, and we're going to be at the centre of that... Bring on the travel tech revolution!

More practically, we’re making the world a better place for guests, hotels, and online travel agents of any size! Think Twilio or Plaid for Travel.

And that is very much only just the beginning.

This is where you come in, there are big challenges a-plenty as we scale up and evolve, which are going to require some talented folks to solve.

Why Impala?

We’re revolutionising an out-of-date 1.6 trillion dollar market. This means we’re reimagining what travel can and should look like - and you can be a part of that.
We’re supported by some of the most respected investors in the business, the early-stage backers behind Deliveroo, SecretEscapes, Trivago, Transferwise, and Airbnb.
We’re an innovation-bent and product-obsessed team (who don’t take ourselves too seriously)
Our Async work environment offers more flexibility, less pressure, and a better work-life balance.
We’ve been remote-first since 2017 and know how to do it. We care about thinking deeply about the workplace.
We’ve always optimised for quality over quantity when expanding our team. We have Star teams full of Star players across the board.
We offer lofty progression opportunities for all Impalans
We’re clear on our mission to enable innovators to build the world's most incredible travel experiences.
We also have a benefits package that’s second-to-none and a wonderful community and culture. Check out our deck and our careers page for more on that.

Where will you work?

We are a remote-first and asynchronous company. This was a very deliberate, natural choice, as we prioritise preserving work-life balance and accommodating the best people in Europe, whilst also fostering diversity.

We employ anyone within +/- 2h from GMT, timezone wise for now (expanding globally in the future).

You can check out everything we offer to set up your perfect remote work environment here.And if Relocation excites you - we offer (and encourage!) that opportunity too.

What about the Covid-shaped elephant in the room?

Covid-19 has forced almost every industry in the world to adjust in 2020, and none more so than the travel industry. It is however, an exciting time to be in Travel Tech; with endless opportunities opened up for innovation meaning the industry won't be going back to how it was. Hotels and innovators are no longer satisfied with the status quo, and players across travel tech have been busy giving themselves a make over during Covid.

Backed by some of Europe’s leading investors, we’re on the cusp of launching a product that will connect people and travel once again.