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Aug, 16

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Junior Video Editor

Hey there 👋

We are Detail, an early stage technology startup, born to bring video to life. We're helping creators produce high-quality, engaging live video events. We enable them to create and share video that looks and sounds amazing, without massive investments in equipment, software, or technical skills.

We're looking for a video editor to help us share our story and support inspiring creators in doing the same. Together with us, you'll be creating content for our community on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and livestreams.

We're an experienced team, building our third company from scratch. This will be your opportunity to join us super early and help us shape our company and culture!

A bit more on our history - our team worked on award-winning products before, and we'd love to team up with you to build a world-class product again. We're supported by investors like Point Nine, Connect Ventures, Hustle Fund, Adjacent, and amazing others to help us build Detail. Find out more here.

Video Editing at Detail

We are on a mission to better live video! And for that, we are churning out video captured on Detail, daily. We are looking for a Video Editor who is creative, detailed and fun to work with (big priority) to help us turn raw video material into inspiring and fun stories.

Why should you be creative for this role?

Because we are working with content creators across the spectrum doing different things in different ways. We would love your input to experiment with different formats and help us find our style and team up with us to build a visual style for the platforms that we produce for.

We are looking for someone who can collaborate with the team on new ideas for videos and provide feedback and to help us improve every day.

Your role

At Detail, you are able to exercise your creativity and excited to experiment with video.
You're interested in experimenting with different formats and styles of content on different video platforms.
You have a good sense of rhythm in video.
You are very familiar with Davinci, Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro.
You enjoy editing a quick experimental story, but just as much enjoy working on a polished high-quality production.

What we offer

Work on exciting technology in a multi-disciplinary team, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with everyday devices.
Experienced, laid-back colleagues who shipped products reaching millions of people, eager to help each other level-up their skills.
Focus on happiness and quality output, over grind and long hours.
Work from anywhere, between UTC-5 and UTC+1 timezones.
Flexible hours and holidays.
Parental leave.