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Junior Account Executive

# This might be the start of something great...


Hello! My name is Pulkit, one of the co-founders of Chameleon, and the main author of this doc.

Here I am visiting the Seattle Spheres during one of our pre-COVID team meetups 👉🏽

I wrote this because I was the first salesperson at Chameleon and still work closely with our sales team. I understand the role deeply and am excited about bringing on entrepreneurial, intelligent, creative people to help our prospects evaluate Chameleon.

# The Junior Account Executive (Jr. AE) role at Chameleon

### Why we want to hire this role now


We started [Chameleon]( after being frustrated at poor user onboarding, and feeling required to speak with sales before we could start using new products. Our mission is to help other software teams better enable "self-serve" experiences for their users.

This means Chameleon lets our customers create personalized, contextual, dynamic in-product UX (e.g. modals, walkthroughs, tooltips etc.) for user onboarding, feature announcements etc

As our market positioning and sales motion clicks, we are getting significant inbound interest (tens of thousands of monthly website visitors). So we are looking for a **Jr. AE to apply a creative, intelligent, human-touch to help interested visitors engage with our sales team**.

Because we work with smart prospects (product managers), this is a good fit if you want to become knowledgable in product and learn at a fast pace from our sharp AEs!

### What you will do specifically


- Review inbound leads (those that signed-up for the product, our content, or engaged in chat) and send outbound emails to qualified people to book meetings
- Review these accounts and seek out other prospects/leads that we should engage with and proactively email them to initiate conversations or meetings
- Research leads, accounts and come up with creative ways to personalize content
- Build out different email campaigns depending on scenario
- Gain a strong understanding of the product so you can answer product questions
- Collaborate with AEs to run our consultative sales process (avg. ~2 month cycle) from discovery call to agreement signature and kick-off
- Run the sales process for upgrading month-to-month / Startup customers, including conducting demos of key functionality
- Shadow AEs to build expertise in the product, prospect, and process to become a full AE yourself at Chameleon *within* ~1 year!

> Learn more about Andrew's journey on the sales team below:


### Skills and experience that will aid success in this role


- 1+ years working as an SDR/BDR ***or*** in product management
- 1+ years working at a SaaS startup (<50 employees)
- Strong interest in product, UX, SaaS
- Comfortable grasping technical concepts (e.g. DOM structure, CSS attributes, APIs, front-end frameworks etc.)
- Extremely fast learner and expects a steep career trajectory
- Enjoys research and writing creative, compelling copy
- Hates fluff and "sales tactics" — we bring a consultative, intelligent, informed culture to sales, not a brute-force or pushy approach.

### Other requirements


- You have a fully functioning workstation and a quiet place to work (and take calls) with a high-speed internet connection
- You live in an **Americas or European timezone** (i.e. based in 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇧🇷 🇨🇱 🇬🇧 🇫🇮 🇵🇹 🇪🇺 🇿🇦 etc.)
- This is your single full-time job (it won't be part-time, hourly, temporary etc.)
- Fluency (written and verbal) in English

# Why Chameleon?

Our product helps millions of users around the world; we are at the right moment for a product-led growth movement; we are committed to building a winning product 🥇; our team is distributed, remote-first, and very friendly 🙃

➡️ Read more about our team, culture, and vision in [our company page here]( .

### Key benefits for this role


💵 Competitive salary and early-stage equity.
OTE *= $70k-90k per annum (**uncapped** **variable**:* *bonuses for meetings booked, and commission for deals closed)*

🚀 High quality standards, regular feedback, and opportunities to help you grow quickly

🌳 Flexible work hours and unlimited vacations

💻 New Macbook and budget for home office equipment

📚 Allowance for books and other personal learning resources

🧘 Allowance for mindfulness/meditation app subscription

💡 Work with some of the best product people *in the world* as customers

🏕️ Fully-paid international team retreats *(next one likely in early 2022)*

> Mikka (previous applicant) wrote to us and said: “I just wanted to say thank you for creating a unique and thoughtful application process. Far too often it feels like a company isn’t all that concerned with who they’re hiring as much as they are the bottom line but in your process, I feel as though I really got to show you who I am, demonstrate my ability, and gain a clear understanding of the work I am applying for.”

Chameleons are all different and uniquely beautiful. They change and aren't required to associate or identify with any specific labels. We welcome the chance to get to know **you** and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. That's what helps us all grow and evolve.

# What to expect from the hiring process

Each person that joins our team leaves a major impact on our product, culture, and trajectory. It's critical our team consists of people who are the best at what they do, but also passionate about our objectives and space.

That means we need to invest more in our recruiting process than anyone else and this document is just a part of that. We want to make it transparent for you, so you can choose if this is worth your precious time.

Our hiring process is designed to give you a taste of working at Chameleon as a JAE so you can reliably decide whether this is the perfect role for you or not!

### Key milestones 🛣️


We expect this process to take 2-4 weeks:

1. Fill out our **application form** [below](
This won't look like others; it won't be tedious and robotic, but will engage you in similar ways as the job. It will also mean we can more quickly get back to you if we are moving forward.
2. **First interview**
Discuss your questions and application, and start to get to know you. We'll also do a short discovery call role-play 🎭
3. **Take-home exercise**
Short exercise (~2 hours in total) where we collaborate; shows us both what it might be like to work as part of the Chameleon team
4. **Second interview**
If we're impressed with your exercise, we'll schedule a second call to debrief the exercise, meet other members of the Chameleon team and ask any final questions.

**Offer** 🎉
We'll give you a call to provide you details of your offer and hopefully agree your start date!


# 👉 [Apply here]( 👈

Click above to open the application form. **We normally receive hundreds of applications** so please **do your best** when completing the form. Good luck!

### Timeline

We expect to reply to you within ~1 week of you submitting the application form **IF** we are interested in setting up a call.

*Unfortunately we likely won't be able to give you feedback if we do not move forward. We are expecting 150+ applicants for this role based on precedence and as a small team we are just too stretched to manually craft rejections at this stage.*

From the short chat to the offer should take ~4 weeks. If we do not move forward with you in any of these stages then you can expect a response with some feedback.

Once we agree the offer we hope you can begin as soon as possible!


It's important for us to learn from our mistakes and to uncover our blind spots. If you found anything in this application process unclear, inaccurate, misleading, inappropriate, or if you have suggestions for improvements then please let us know! Email us at