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Java Developer

OpenGamma provides cutting-edge treasury and margin management solutions to financial institutions, enabling firms to maximise their returns and minimise trading costs in today’s capital markets. With over 60 clients, including some of the world's leading hedge funds, clearing houses and asset managers, OpenGamma’s products have helped firms improve efficiency and save millions of dollars in capital.

Our cloud-based services perform millions of calculations on client portfolios every day in order to identify opportunities for savings and guide trading decisions. We offer several mechanisms to clients for consuming the results we produce, including a proprietary web based UI and RESTful APIs. Our deep market knowledge and in-house quantitative expertise provides the foundations on which our platform is built; we have independently replicated over 50 margin methodologies for clearing houses and brokers across the globe.

Our development teams are completely responsible for building and rolling out a wide range of features, ensuring that customers and prospects are able to use our services, and expanding our cloud-native technology stack to enable us to scale in line with adoption. Developers work closely with our product team and business analysts in order to deliver value to our clients in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

We are a growing company that understands the difference each individual can make. We operate with transparency and minimal bureaucracy, provide clarity on how our objectives impact your work, and help you focus your efforts on what matters for the business. We can offer significant progression as you grow with us.

We operate a remote first working policy and do not have a fixed office. We have employees in over 10 locations across Europe and North America and have optimised our processes and working practices to maximise the efficiency of remote work. All employees are provided access to local coworking office spaces to use at their leisure. In addition, company funded team meetups occur at least twice a year giving every employee the opportunity to meet their colleagues in person.

As a member of the Features team, you will be building the product functionality that helps to grow our client base and drive our business forwards. You will have the opportunity to:

Write the code that powers our product - for example, interpreting customer data, implementing new optimisations, integrating with internal analytics APIs and enhancing our customer workflows.

Build an in-depth understanding of how the financial analytics in our product provide value to our clients. You will be exposed to both the low-level details of financial instruments, valuations and methodologies, as well as the high-level business objectives that drive us.

Collaborate with product managers and clients in order to fully understand customer expectations and implement solutions which meet their requirements.

Take ownership of client deliverables, be it small feature enhancements or larger pieces of functionality. You will be involved in all stages of the delivery - from taking the requirements to deploying the finished product into production and supporting it afterwards.

Become familiar with the AWS-based infrastructure on which our hosted services are run and leverage our existing technology foundations in order to deliver functionality to our clients.
Back-end: Java, Maven

Web-based UI: Angular 11 (with TypeScript and SASS), ngrx/store, ag-grid

Cloud infrastructure: AWS (including Lambda, ECS, DynamoDB, Aurora, API Gateway, CloudFront, S3, SQS/SNS and KMS), DataDog, Terraform

GitHub for our public and private code, pull requests for peer reviews
You have a strong focus on delivering business value and a desire to use your technical skills to help contribute to the growth of the company.

You primarily view technology as a means for solving problems and improving efficiency in the real world.

You aim to become an expert in any domain in which you work.

You are detail oriented and strive to understand customer use cases; you consider it your responsibility as a developer to ensure the code you write delivers value to users.

You are eager to learn, not afraid to ask question and accept that sometimes it is more efficient to ask your peers rather than try to solve every problem yourself.

You actively consider the trade-off between effort and impact.

You are looking for a small company environment, where the business is evolving, there are opportunities to progress, and you are relied on to deliver critical business functionality.
Technical requirements
You have a solid knowledge of Java fundamentals, including a broad understanding of the standard language features and common frameworks; as well as experience of using these in a professional environment.

You have a good understanding of Computer Science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, algorithmic complexity, and concurrency.

You have worked as part of a delivery focussed product team and have delivered real-world functionality to internal or external users. You have taken end-to-end ownership of product features, including assisting with production issues.

You have good problem-solving skills and a methodical approach to breaking down complex problems, with the tenacity to see issues through to their conclusion, and ability to communicate the outcome.
Desirable experience
You have experience in building financial applications for business users.

You have applied yourself to a complex domain and have acquired a deep understanding through your development work; collaborating with non-technical users to define requirements and deliver solutions.

You have some knowledge of derivatives trading; an understanding of the different instruments traded in the capital markets and common pricing and risk metrics such as NPV and VaR.

You have experience working with Camunda or another BPMN/workflow engine.

You have prior experience working in a remote organisation.
Benefits Package
Competitive salary based on location, skills and experience
Employee Stock Options
Full remote working setup including laptop, monitor and office desk
Company Healthcare and Travel Insurance (currently UK based employees only)