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Oct, 14

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Inside Sales Representative

hubsell is a B2B opportunity generation platform, specially designed to facilitate scalable, qualitative and GDPR & ePrivacy adherent opportunity generation via cold-outreach for small and medium sized companies in the technology and high value services verticals.

We are a solution by sales people for sales people. We believe that sales needs to be better for the sales person, which means less grunt and more enjoyable and engaging work.

Our mission is to enable B2B companies to create their outbound opportunities generation engines without burning up their sales or their market in the process.

We are looking to expand our sales team with an inside sales representative for the Dutch speaking markets of Netherlands and Flanders area of Belgium, who will use our own solution to generate opportunities and with those new commits.

Why should you join our team

hubsell provides a totally new and welcome value proposition in a very undifferentiated market with more than €1 Trillion market size, namely B2B opportunity generation. As someone who will play a key role in generating revenue, you will have the opportunity to display your entrepreneurial flair and own your role by bringing new ideas to the table. We like to hire at entry level and promote internally so this opportunity comes with the potential of growing with hubsell.

Our internal culture encourages you to be creative and think for yourself without following a cookie-cutter approach. New ideas are welcome, tested, and implemented at speed. Our team members have the freedom and independence to manage their own time and tasks in a way they feel most productive.

Here are some rules to live by as a hubsellite.

Conduct yourself professionally, always. Especially during a difficult moment.
Say only what you know is true. It is better to admit that you do not know something than try to answer anyway to save face.
In your communication and behavior, be polite but strong. Never be rude nor weak.
Always be willing to help prospects and customers, even if they are not in the market for us at the moment. They will remember your help and when they need a product you will be on the top of their mind.
Finish what you start. Starting new things is chaos, finishing things is order. Keep one foot on each side by starting new things and finishing them as well.
Respond to calls for help from your team.
Ask for help. You will not be capable of doing everything alone, no one is, so in order to step beyond what you could achieve alone, ask for help and you will find your team is willing to help you.
Actively teach yourself new skills, especially if they progress your career objectives.
Use your time wisely and systematically, you only have a certain amount of it during a working day. Do not work over time.
Finally, know that you will not be able to follow all of these rules all of the time, just do your best.
What you will be doing

In a nutshell, you will be connecting with and solving potential customers' challenges by showcasing them new ways to do B2B opportunity generation.

In more detail, at hubsell the sales person controls their entire sales funnel from ‘contact to commit,’ so you’ll be sourcing new contacts with hubsell, reaching out via hubsell’s automated personalised outreach, setting up discovery calls, qualifying the prospect, setting up and doing your own demos.

At hubsell, we believe in learning by doing but we don’t push you into the deep end all by yourself, so as you jump into the fray we’ll jump in with you and support where necessary.

Here is roughly what your first 3 months will look like at hubsell:

On Day 1 - You will be onboarded to your whole tech stack and enabled to hit the ground running.
By week 1 - You will have gotten your prospecting totally down and will have gotten the basics of doing outreach with hubsell (yes we use our tools).
By week 2 - You will have had your first discovery call and increased your understanding about what to look for in a prospect and how to set up the follow up steps.
By week 4 - You will have done your first demo with an experienced colleague supporting you in the call and have done many more discovery calls.
By week 8 - You will be able to prospect, set up your own campaigns, do discovery calls, and demos all by yourself. Furthermore, you will be able to report on them and ask for relevant advice from colleagues.
By week 12 - You will be experimenting with ways to better target your market, improve the conversion rates of your campaigns, have a baseline of discovery calls and demos done, and have built a healthy pipeline.
What you bring to the table

Belief in hubsell’s mission and the motivation to carry it out.
Willingness to take a shot and learn from your potential mistakes.
Ownership of your work and drive to improve your abilities.
Professional acumen as you will be selling to senior level sales and marketing people.
Ability to own your subject matter.
Ability to work independently and communicate effectively in a remote working environment.
Required: Native level Dutch language skills and business proficiency/fluency in English.
Big plus: knowledge of outbound sales tactics (beyond what you can learn by reading a blog post).
We can understand that applying for a new job can be tough and you may not check all of the boxes above here. But guess what? A lot of people won’t, and we know there is no such thing as a “perfect candidate.”

We believe in working together and learning together.

Still reading this post?

If we sound like a company you want to join and this role seems like a good entry to our crew, then don’t let anything stop you from applying.

hubsell is an equal opportunity employer.