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Nov, 12

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Digital Project Manager

We are a team of CX optimization experts

We're looking for a digital project manager to join our team. You'll be working with mid-market to large enterprise-sized companies, and deliver managed conversion optimization and experimentation program services.

Thorough and successful previous project management experience in the CRO field is something we seek above all. And previous agency/consultancy experience where you've been in a client-facing role is a definite benefit.

Your role is to be a strong project manager in the team. Our clients come to us to increase their online revenues. Our goal is either to run a managed optimization program for them or teach them how to set up and/or improve their in-house program. The Project Manager is responsible for making sure the machine purrs, with a smile.
Job Description
Make the train run on time, with a smile! Our clients like that we are the task masters who push them to be more organized and productive because of it. You lead this function.
Manage: all tasks, milestones, key delivery dates, project plans and client status updates in collaboration with project lead, development, design, and team members generally to ensure that everything gets done in a proactive, orderly and consistent fashion with a high-quality output;
Communicate: with internal team in an exceptionally clear and friendly, yet confident manner;
Assist: the project lead, being the second Pair of Eyes, adding additional brainpower to the project, challenging the project lead’s decisions and providing candid feedback. Taking over project communication if the lead is on vacation or away for some other reason;
Strive for improvement: with feedback of project leads and team members.
Key Responsibilities
Develop and manage the milestones, tasks and timelines for all projects. Identify key risks to project delivery and develop practical risk mitigation plans. Work with the internal team to prioritize all tasks associated with the project plans;
Manage and facilitate regular meetings with clients so the project lead can update client on the status of projects;
Manage process for creating and updating meeting agendas;
Manage process for taking and distributing meeting notes with delineated action items and decisions;
Manage client scorecards to ensure our value is consistent with client objectives and expectations;
Manage client test reporting on a weekly/monthly basis;
Assist in producing key client presentations, including analysis summaries;
Assist in analyzing customer data for insight analyses.

Other PM Notes
Update tools (e.g. ClickUp and Airtable) for everything, including assignment of tasks to yourself, project lead, AD, etc;
Will have to look in Airtable, Figma, ClickUp, other tools to gather info;
Update test docs as mockups/designs change and as tests progress through pipeline (as needed - different accounts use different structures for reporting);
Help with research setup, analysis, and readouts;
If you want and have time, help with test planning, test ideas, and research ideas;
Help with prioritization of projects;
If you have new ideas for anything, share them;
Be as independent as you can, be proactive.
At least 5 years of successful project management experience;
Previous experience with task- and/or project management tool (like ClickUp, Jira, Asana or similar);
Project management certification is preferred;
Awareness and experience with digital landscape.
Desired skillset
Excellent relationship building and communication skills;
You're highly organized, proactive and detail oriented;
You are tech-savvy;
You have excellent presentation skills;
You have experience with AB testing and/or digital analytics work;
Passion for measurement/reporting/analytics.
The job is always super interesting, rewarding, and you will get to know a lot of businesses inside out.

Advantages of working for us:

Work on exciting stuff! The world is your playground. We have exciting clients and interesting projects. It's incredible how much you learn by seeing the kitchen side of so many companies.

Personal development. We support your growth with mentorship, necessary books and courses. You will have full access to the CXL Institute learning platform. You get to work with people that push you to become better. Our mission is to elevate experimentation, what it means for our clients but most importantly for our team, which means you.

Freedom. No one will micromanage you. We don't have fixed hours; we have deadlines. Every week we set goals and report what we did. You have the freedom to take on and lead new projects within the company as long as they support our overall goals.

Speero standard benefits include:

* Competitive compensation
* Manage your own time and approach to work
* Have a say in what is being developed and how
* As much autonomy as you are able to handle
* 28 days paid sick leave
* 28 days paid vacation + holidays
* Great start-up vibe and team spirit
* Health insurance reimbursement
* Gym/Wellness stipend
* Home office stipend
* Flexible working hours

About us:

Speero is an experimentation agency.
We focus on elevating experimentation as a method to increase revenue, delight customers and users, and improve business decision making generally. We raise the value, performance and awareness of the work done by experimentation teams. We do this by improving experimentation processes, measurement, and education. As a result, experimentation departments' influence grows among other business units, the c-suite and the wider industry. Speero has offices in London UK, Tallinn Estonia and Austin, Texas USA.