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Nov, 17

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Customer Success Manager

We're hiring rockstar talent for our Customer Success team. Maybe that’s you?

👇About us 👇

We're - an early stage growth team with an ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages for technology companies in the SEO and virality space. Our services range from backlinks and written-for-you blog posts to done-for-you Reddit marketing.

Our clients love us because we're affordable, we get results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.

We're looking to hire a Customer Success Manager to excel in both support and/or account management phases in the company. This role is foundational, and requires a can-do attitude.

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🧹Support 🤽🏻‍♀️

You'll roll up your sleeves and answer inbound customer questions through live chat support. Things like "can I get a refund", or "what does your service do?" Customers want to get in touch with us about their orders, large and small, and you'll help answer tickets that come in during your workday. You may discover opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell customers in these interactions. We’ll talk about that later.

🤜🤛 Customer Success (a.k.a. Account Management) 🤜🤛

Whereas, support communication is reactive to the customer’s needs, customer success is mainly proactive. After the client is onboarded (by the onboarding team), you will be assigned several client accounts, which you will guide through the process of having services delivered. Customer Success Managers fill an important need because they are a consistent, trusted point of contact for the customer as sometimes multiple services by different teams are ongoing.

You’ll focus on the customer’s full adoption, retention, and expansion of services.
- You’ll ask for feedback about the customer’s experience & making sure services are delivered to the highest quality standards possible.
- You won’t shy away from asking our services teams how they got those results and learning how to guide the customer better in the future.
- You’ll nurture our customers, setting them up for a long-term journey through Soar’s growth universe.
- If you already have some background in content, SEO, and viral marketing (social media marketing), you might have a leg up on your training. Alternatively, if you have a strong interest in this area, you can also learn quickly and do very well.

📈 The Customer Success team has ambitious goals for 2020-2021. 💪🏻

We’ll be tracking and analyzing the outcomes of our work, measuring revenue, customer retention, response time to support tickets, and customer happiness ratings, to name a few.

⭐️ Other details about the role ⭐️

This full time position is part of a long term career path, develops multiple professional capacities around customer success.

There may be paid opportunities to travel to conferences (when those resume) and represent the brand to new clients & partners.

Our team is a fully remote company with leadership based in NYC.

Looking forward to reading your applications.