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Sep, 30

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Customer Happiness Manager

Brands like WeTransfer, VanMoof, Dolby, Ace & Tate, and Lynk & Co push the envelope for public relations. They're bold, progressive, and honest. If it were up to us, that's how every brand would communicate.

What if I were to tell you that you can be an essential part of these disrupting PR teams? If you'd like to help 250 industry-changing brands to share their news with the world— this role is for you.

Applications for this job are closing on Friday, 1st of October.

Please note: this is a remote position

Full-time · Amsterdam
We help socially-conscious brands make more impact

Socially-conscious brands realize their impact on the world around them—and are bold enough to try and shape it for the better. These are the businesses of the future.

Every organization is attached to an ecosystem of businesses, communities, and nature. Brands that think about that impact on every part of the equation—and communicate their response effectively—are vital to helping us face the world's mounting challenges.

We give these new rule-setters the tools to tell their stories in ways that move people. A lot of people.

About our newsrooms and software
Bringing change isn't about the stories you tell; it's about the actions you take. However, for these actions to inspire others, they need to be shared. That's where comes in.

We build newsrooms where brands can showcase news, media mentions, images, videos, contact details, and other information. It's a beautifully designed one-stop shop for journalists, media professionals, and stakeholders.

Our newsrooms are powered by a platform to make PR teams work better and faster. Our software helps our customers write and publish news stories, track media contacts, pitch news to journalists and manage complex editorial workflows.

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About this role

As our Customer Happiness manager, you make sure our customers get the most out of our platform. Your #1 priority is keeping our customers happy. 🤩

For existing customers, this means answering their questions via our various support channels (email, live chat, and phone). You will be their point of contact at, and you'll regularly check in with them to make sure they're happy with our services. If customers can benefit from additional products, you'll recognize that value and upsell those products.

For new customers, you make sure their transition to is as smooth as possible. From the moment a customer decides to work with us, you will guide them through the various steps in the onboarding process. Together with the customer and our product team, you will build their perfect solution— an exciting, rewarding process.

Many customers will ask for guidance and advice during this process: this could be newsroom-specific, but it’s often broader than that. If you have experience in PR or communications, your knowledge could be very valuable.

What you will do
Manage Customer Support: You will own our Customer Support channels (email, live chat, phone), which our customers use if they need a helping hand. You will work Amsterdam office hours, your colleague Ana will take over the baton when your workday ends (Ana works from Ecuador).
Onboard new customers: For new customers, you'll make the transition to buttery smooth. You'll draw out their ideal solution, define goals and guide them through every step of the set-up.

Provide training: Should our customers' teams change or their needs grow, you'll offer virtual training to their PR and comms teams.

Manage accounts: We believe in a proactive approach to account management. You'll regularly check in with our customers to learn how we can improve our products and services, inform them of any developments, and upgrade them to new products if they're valuable to them.

Maintain our Help Center: A lot of customers prefer to look for the answers to their questions themselves instead of having to wait for actual humans to respond. For those customers, we have an extensive Help Center. You make sure they can find their answers efficiently and that frequently asked questions are converted into Help Center articles.

Offer guidance: You will help our customers land more media exposure. For instance, by building their press lists, providing feedback on their strategy, and giving training and advice.

Who will be successful in this role?

If you recognize yourself in the below description— you'll love this job.

You're comfortable with change: We are a start-up, and things change constantly. You don't mind, of course. The prospect of a role and environment which changes and develops over time excites you.
You're empathetic and curious: You get energy out of helping others. If you can make someone happy, that makes you happy. You've always been like that, right?
You're proactive and full of enthusiasm: We will help you feel welcome, train you as good as we can, and will make you feel comfortable in the team. However, to be successful in this role, you'll need to be proactive. You try new things, solve problems when they arise, and you won't wait until someone else tells you to do something. That's what makes you unique.
You work structured: With 250 customers, a lot is going on simultaneously. But you're structured; you can keep an overview. You've got this.
You're familiar with PR: It would be fantastic if you knew the industry and the problems our customers struggle with. Ideally, you've been in their position yourself. Are you new to PR? No problem, we’ll teach you what we know.
You are an EU citizen living in the EU.
You are a fluent English speaker and a great communicator. If you speak other languages, that will come in very handy.
You have experience in customer support, Customer Success, or Account Management. You know how to do this, and you'll show us how it's done. We're not asking you for a ridiculously vast background in this role, but a foundation and ambition to grow your knowledge.
You are reasonably technical, know your way around the latest tools/software, and understand how to communicate digitally.

What you get for keeping our customers happy:
A friendly, vibrant, and ambitious team.
A competitive salary.
The freedom to work from anywhere you want (as long as it's within the EU).
Budget to set up a productive (home) workstation, we’ll also pay your internet bill.
We'll provide you with a company MacBook.
The option to rent a desk at a local co-working space.
An annual team retreat somewhere in Europe.
Regular (online and offline) get-togethers, like movie and pizza nights, Amsterdam boat rides, casual coffee dates, and more.
We are fully remote. And proudly so!
Since June last year, we have been a fully remote company. Even though we have strong roots in Amsterdam, we have moved to places where we feel most comfortable. Our colleagues live in various locations in the Netherlands. However, some have moved to Portugal or even Ecuador.

For this role, we are looking for an EU citizen who lives anywhere from the EU. Have you been dreaming of working for a company that offers the freedom to live wherever you want? Join us and chase that dream.

If you're a Dutch speaker, our Commercial Director Sjors was recently interviewed about our remote culture. If you understand Dutch, you can listen to the podcast here.