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Aug, 11

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Content Strategy & SEO

## **About this role and why it's critical**

TLDR: We want Memberstack to be the most highly recommended auth & payments tool among professional developers. Memberstack doesn't yet have an established content strategy or direction, and we have very little experience with scaling content teams, processes, resources, etc.

We're looking for someone who knows *what* needs to get done and is willing to *implement* it alongside our team. You will be responsible for helping create and execute a content strategy for thousands of customers and potentially millions of end-users.

We see content as a critical part of influencing our direction as a company and product. We're not only supporting existing customers, but also building early processes to support the next 10,000 customers.

We're looking for someone to help us establish 1 of our primary growth channels;

1. SEO / content strategy that attracts our target customers from multiple sources (We're thinking organic search via landing pages, blogging, and tutorials like Zapier and Patreon and/or creating free resources like Segment, Flowbase, etc.).

## **What to expect**

🏁 **Day one, get to know Memberstack:** We want to give you a crash course on Memberstack, our customers, and our goals. We'll spend the day asking and answering each others' questions, and we'll start to layout a roadmap for the next few months. You'll work closely with Molly for 90% of your time.

**👋 Week one, establish content direction:** Let's dive into some content! Before we start changing things we want to give you a crystal clear picture of what content currently looks like and our initial thoughts. This will also be a great time to establish some content KPIs and to gather data for those KPIs.

**🌱 Month one:** Our KPI's our in place. The process of establishing content as a channel for growth is underway and we have made significant dent in our content strategy, roadmap and execution plan. We'll document every decisions and internal processes to make content at Memberstack as self-sustaining as possible.

**🌳 Long term:** The end goal is to create a strategy that allows us to stand on our own two feet. We want to maintain growth as a company while having best in class content distribution.

## **Does this sound like you?**

- You have an expert-level understanding of executing a content strategy
- You have expert-level understanding of SEO
- You have experience working with keyword research
- You have experience defining content distribution channels
- You have experience working with landing page optimisation
- You have experience with blog distribution
- You enjoy working in a team, but are able to operate with a high degree of independence and autonomy
- You have clear written & verbal communication skills in English
- **Bonus:** You've previously created a content strategy that has impacted a lot of people