Why preparing for an interview ?

Today, we would like to tell you a little bit more about the necessity of being prepared.

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There are occasions in our life that we come across and we think : if only I could have a little bit more preparation. Preparation is key to success and it is the element that will bring you further.

Without preparation, humanity would still be living in its primitive way and you would still be trying to get out of school because you would never pass your exam. Preparation is what makes you achieve your goals, your objectives and it is what can help you go to the next step. All our life is about preparation. It is how we become better at things we like to do. It is also how we become specialist at something we need to do.

The challenge with preparation is that it requires three things from you :

The first one is effort, it takes efforts to say I am going to prepare. Because preparation is a choice. You can decide to go where you have to go and gamble whether or not you will make it. There is always a tiny chance you will. But there is a bigger chance you won’t make it.

The second thing is that it requires courage. Because preparation is also to accept that you will fail so you will try again. The moment you prepare, is the moment where you will try over and over so you can reach the point where you never fail again.

The third thing about preparation is that it is time consuming. You need to force yourself to dedicate time for the preparation, sometimes it takes few minutes or few hours. This time is also difficult to commit because you do not get direct reward of it. So this preparation moment will be painful.

All you do with preparation is increasing your chances to succeed. But you need to accept that it will demand efffort, courage and time to be able to say I am prepared. When it comes to job interview, preparation is crucial.

Job interview is a three steps process for yourself, the first one being the preparation, the second one being part of the job interview itself and the last one being the self-reflection.

Today, we will focus on the first step : “ The Preparation “.

When you prepare your job interview, there are four tips we would like to give:

1: Asking yourself why you want to get this job

You need to understand if your motivations are strong enough. During a job interview, hiring managers are very much capable to recognize candidates that are not truly motivated, and so regardless of your answers. The preparation contains this phase where you start creating this believing mindset that the job will be the right thing for you and your environment. This start by being clear about your motivations and ensure that moving forward in your job interview preparation is the right thing to do because you truly wants this job. Once you are convinced that this job is the one for you go to the next step.

2: Go through the job description and write down what could be a work day in this position.

You need to make sure that you have fully understood what will be the requirement, the tasks and the possible objectives, monthly and yearly. Once you have done it, list what will be your strenghts and your weaknesses in this position, for the strenghts you need to make sure you will put them forward in your interview and for the weaknessses you need to write down how you plan to come over it.

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If one of your weakness is you are not good at multi-tasking, you can plan to get over it by using a planner platform like Microsoft Planner, Monday.com or Trello. You need to get prepared to over come any aspects of your weaknesses if the manager figure them out.

3: Identify what could be the challenges of the hiring managers.

Each Manager has its own challenges. For instance, a Marketing Manager could have a lead conversion target to achieve. Picture what could be the incentives your Managers will put in place to help the team achieve this goal and what you will need to focus on to meet this goal too.

Another example could be managing a high number of stakeholders. If you are applying for a customer support role, there’s a high chance the manager has to deal with a numerous of different people from different countries. Imagine you are applying for a Graphic Designer position, the manager might be dealing with customer who thinks they know what they want but once they get it, they are no longer satisfied with it.

Make sure you brainstorm and try to capture all potential challenges of your manager. Once you think you have them all, try to understand how having you in the job will help him or her meet the goals and overcome challenges. if you are interested, you can read our blog How interviewing is a challenge for managers ?“

During your job interview, you need to be able to make the hiring manager feel like his or her life will be better once you are hired.

4: Answer the most common questions using your answers in steps one, two and three.

The final steps in your preparation is to go through the questions you might be asked during the job interview and add the ones that might be specific to your job description. We have listed here the most common ones:

  1. Can you please summarize your curriculum vitae,

  2. Can you tell me who you are ?

  3. Why do you apply for this position ?

  4. What are the reasons you want to quit your current job ?

  5. What do you expect from this job ?

  6. Where do you see yourself in five years ?

  7. What do you expect from your manager ?

  8. What are your strengths and your weaknesses ?

  9. Can you mention one project you are proud of and why ?

  10. What would your colleagues say about you ?

  11. Have you already come accross a conflict and how did you deal with it ?

  12. What would be the three things your manager could say about you ?

  13. What do you need from your manager ?

  14. Do you have questions ?

Make sure you rework your answers until they are fully opitmized. Don’t learn it by heart but make sure you remember the keywords and that you read your preparation document before the job interview.

You need to think that every question is an opportunity to put forward your skills, your strengths, demonstrate that you have well understood the job position and that you have already pictured yourself working in the role.

All those elements, are meant to make the hiring manager feel there will be no misunderstanding about the role.

Preparation requires effort, courage and time but if you follow the four steps, your job preparation will feel great.

Just don’t underestimate the power of preparation.

If you need help with your job interview preparation, reach out to us, we get you prepared for your job interview and we give you the key to succeed.

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