Why do you want to quit your job ?

In most job interviews, you will be asked this job interview question: Why do you want to quit your current job ? The challenge here is to find the right balance between the right reasons to leave and other reasons which may be less exciting to share.

Truth is, when you start looking for another job but in the same company, the motivations are easy to find. You want to grow, you want to challenge yourself and continue to climb the corporate ladder.

When you start looking for another company, the valid reasons to quit your current job can also be laying into personal growth, challenges etc.

If you were totally happy with your current company, it would also challenge you so you could see potential future development in your career. If you want to quit your current company, the chance that something is not going as you expected is big.

Companies and especially hiring managers understand this, they know if you are applying for a job outside of your current company, something may not be of your taste, and they want to know what exactly.

Objectives behind : why do you want to quit your current job?

The hiring company wants to know if you will be a high flight risk.

They want to know the reason for you to leave so they can assess if they are able to cover this part of dissatisfaction that pushes you to apply for another job in another company.

Get ready to answer this question. Ask yourself, what are the sincere reasons to quit your current job?

Here a few examples on how you can answer this job interview question:

1. To develop your knowledge in a specific area

“I work as … since 3 years, I have had amazing opportunities to develop and challenge myself on multiple occasions but today I feel that going to the next step in my career is the natural thing to do to continue learning.”

“I became an expert in my field and my company often asked me to onboard and train new employees, even if I have always liked to be seen as an expert, I feel like I have reached the full potential of what I had to learn, I feel it is now time to see what the more complex aspects of my role are.”

2. You are ready for a new challenge and you feel you can take on more responsibilities

“My current role has given me many opportunities to step up, lead projects and develop my self confidence about taking on more responsibilities. I feel ready to have more responsibilities in my career.”

3. You have been away from home and want to come back to your hometown

“I work in an international dynamic for a couple of years, this has taught me many things on both personal and professional aspects but I feel now the need to come back to my hometown and be able to use my international experience.”

4. You fancy an experience abroad

“I have a strong desire to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to gain confidence, international experience and acquire skills that I would not be able to get, staying in the country I have been living in my entire life.”

5. You want to reduce the commuting time

“My current job is a great experience and I feel good where I am but it has impacts on the time I spend with my family as I need to leave home early and get back late. I would like to get closer to home so that I can spend more time in both my job and with my family thanks to the time saved from commuting.”

6. Your contract will expire soon

“The company I am working for is experiencing a budget freeze, my contract is coming to an end and I would like to find stability in my professional career. “

When you formulate your response, highlight reasons that will make the hiring manager feel confident about hiring you with a minimum security that you won’t leave in the next six months because the company cannot fulfill your expectations.

There are several reasons which can make you want to leave your company, but some you should avoid.

Avoid discussing:

Corporate politics reasons

In almost all companies, you will find politics, and to be fair, politics is not a negative thing to have. Politics is also the right motive for groups and individuals to move things around. Every company needs a little bit of politics, saying that you are currently leaving your company because of politics will make your hiring manager feel doubtful about your application.

The company you are applying to has most likely, some part of politics as well.

Relationship with your boss

A toxic relationship with your boss can exist. However, it does not say if the responsibility of this relationship lays on you or your boss. Either way, the last thing that a hiring manager wants to have in his team is negative behaviors or personality traits that will make the job more difficult.

Unrealistic deadlines/ targets

If you say that you are leaving the company because you often have unrealistic expectations, targets, deadlines this also can trigger doubts. Time management can sometimes be a subjective aspect for many employees. Some being incredibly well organized may be able to finish all the work rapidly while some others may need a little bit more time.

Unproductive organization or management

A lot of companies feel chaotic from the inside, especially when companies are very large. This here as well, is a personal judgment, perspective on an area where you may not have all the information.

Negative relationships with your co worker

When you are asked the question on why you want to quit your current job, one of the worst answers that you can possibly formulate is about the negative relationship with your co-workers.

In teams, the chance that you work with people who are different from you is big, you will not choose your colleagues. Nevertheless, you will always have to collaborate and sometimes work with those people. Letting your emotions take over and being the main motivation for you to quit your current job might be extremely scary for a hiring manager.

Best candidates are the ones who fit in any team and get along well with everyone. When answering the questions about the reasons for quitting your job, make sure it is personal to you and not to the company you work for.

We all have valid reasons to either move on with our careers, apply to a new job, to a new company and be in need of some change.

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