What to wear at a job interview?

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Choosing what to wear at a job interview might be stressful and sometimes based on the job interview, many questions may come to your mind, read our below tips for choosing the best interview clothes.

Throughout your job interview experience an important part is to choose the right dress code for your interview.

We will focus first on what you should wear or not wear during your job interview when you go in a face to face interview and we will also provide you with a few tips that you should consider for your online interview.

In both cases, you will notice that our tips are applicable in both situations; the main reason being that we want you to feel confident; professional and ensure that your dress code will not prevent you from showing the best professional version of yourself in your job interview.

Make sure you don’t look like you want to be somewhere else

I once interviewed a candidate who was wearing a flourish shiny shirt with a shiny trouser. Even if I wanted to do my best to focus on his answer during the job interview; I was not really able to do so. You might prefer impress your interviewer with the quality of your responses

To answer this specific question, what should I wear at a job interview, the first hint is to ask yourself if the interview clothes correspond to what the job interviewer feels like is appropriate.

Let us dig into more detail so you know what to wear at your job interview:

Make sure your interview clothes are not boring

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While we don’t want you to look like the next disco dancer; also make sure your outfit is not too boring; avoid putting cold washed out clothes. You don’t want to look like you have no personality but again don’t go too far.

Also think about comfort!

Make sure the shirt you wear is not too tight; that the shoes you chose are not too high or that your nakeline is not too big. Interview clothes being for men or women, need to be adjusted.

A big part of what not to wear at a job interview is very much about not wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. This might block your concentration.

Also make sure your clothes are clean and neat. Your outfit must be clean and obviously with no holes, we recommend you to get it ready a few days before. Try it out before so you don’t end up on the day of the job interview wondering what you can wear at your job interview.

Check up for your transpiration, your nail and your hair

Check up for transpiration as well; there is nothing worse at a job interview than shaking hands of a candidate who smells transpiration; if you know you tend to sweat when you are stressed, you may experience it on the day of your job interview. Take your deodorant and avoid biking if possible, we are usually big fans of environmentally friendly transportation for all days in our life but on the day of your job interview try to avoid transportation that will make you look like you are tired and sweaty.

That comes without saying that the nail and hair must be neat and tidy as well, watch out for the hair gel, sometimes it may look grassy.

Avoid too much perfume

Smelling transpiration might be a problem for your job interview but wearing too much perfume that makes every person behind you know you have passed by is also not a good idea. You need to avoid anything that may distract your job interviewer from thinking of your application.

Perfume is also an aspect of your personality. If possible, choose it carefully.

Do not wear too much jewellery

There is nothing wrong with exposing your personality and showing your tattoo. However, being discreet about it tells your manager that you may be an agile person and you will be able to adapt, especially with customers.

The same with jewelry; choose them carefully and try to think of how they can best reflect your personality; match your interview clothes while ensuring that your job interviewer will not focus on them during the all interview.

Everything is a question of balance. There is nothing wrong with wearing extravagant clothes, showing your tattoo or getting yourself those shining earrings. However, during the interview, your objective is to demonstrate the valuable skills you have, those that will serve the company in the best possible way.


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Go with the chill outfit, jeans, tee-shirt you have in your closet. Those are not interview clothes.

You may have some doubts especially when you go interviewing for a startup or those cool looking companies that definitely look trendy. Unless this is specified in the job interview application; always play it safe in the way you dress for your job interview; you will never be blamed for being over dressed because your job interviewer will just think you don't want to risk your job interview for an outfit. Don’t forget your interview clothes play an important role.

This is very important that you don”t play it cool at your job interview because a job interview is not cool; it is stressful and expectations from both sides are usually high. There is no risk in taking no risk… dress yourself professionally and ensure that not aspect of yourself will distract your job interviewer or make himself or herself doubt about your motivation.

What about your online interview?

Take into consideration the same tips; obviously if you put too much perfume, no one will smell it but a part of your confidence at the job interview will also come from the way you look and the way you dress, feeling good will help drive your confidence and show the best professional version of yourself.

For this reason; whether it is a face to face job interview or an online one; follow our best tips to choose your interview clothes.

...and a phone interview?

Does it matter how you dress? The same advice applies here as well, the most important is that you feel good in your body and confident, the job interviewer will feel it as well.

The first impression is always the one that remains

Don’t forget that the first impression is always important; this will be the first aspect of your personality that will remain to the job interviewer; now that you know what to wear or what not to wear; do not forget the most important part of it… YOUR BIG SMILE in all types of job interviews… yes also in your phone interview;

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