What motivates you to apply for this position answer?

This week we are looking at another very important interview question almost always asked in a job interview by hiring managers. The question is what motivates you or What motivates you to apply for this role or this position. Here we will give a what motivates you to apply for this position answer.

To answer to this question, there are 3 dos and 3 don’ts.

Paying attention to what you should be doing and what you should not be doing for answering what motivates you to apply for this role will help you to make sure you get into the hiring manager objective and continue the job interview process remaining in the potential candidate list for the position.

Let’s first have a look at the 3 do’s for answering what motivates you to do a good job ?

1. Understand well the position and its requirements

The hiring manager will want to know if you are the right candidate for the job and if you will stay motivated by the job requirements. As a very extreme example but for us to understand the necessity of understanding the job requirement, If what motivates you is being customer facing but the job position will only require for the candidate to be back office working, you may not be a good fit in the hiring manager’s mind.

2. List in advance what motivates in your current position or at The University

What are the reasons that you may come back home and speak about your day with energy and tell loads of story to your family or friends? What are the little parts of your day that could trigger those emotions.

Try to list them all from the most obvious one to the least. Sometimes our motivations are not so obvious and we woud need a bit of thought process in order to really discover what motivates you.

3. Focus on your achievements

Every job interview question is an opportunity to sell your qualification. In your answer to what motivates you, choose a motivation from the list you will have draft and explain it clearly with an example where you were motivated using a skill of yours.

Never miss an opportunity to sell your profile as the best candidate for this position and this question is a great moment to do so.

Finally make sure that when you give your what motivates you to apply for this position answer, and sell one of your skills, choose a skill that may be of a strong benefit for the hiring manager.

Now let’s also check together what are the don’ts for answering “What about the role excites you and motivates you to apply”? There are often mistakes made by job candidates that can easily give a different feeling about your application in the job interview.

Remember, every job interview question asked by the hiring manager is a chance to score points and be closer to getting the job.

So here are 3 don’ts that you must remember the next time you will answer your “what motivates at work interview question ?”

1. Don’t make it too personal

Sure, the question is about you and your motivation, but while we are all motivated by few aspects that having a job brings like paycheck, holiday, pension benefits etc. Deep inside those aspects of a job are not the ones that makes you happy to go to work every morning. Those aspects are obviously important because they will contribute to your personal life quality but if on the other hand you have a bad relationship with your colleagues, boss or if you work extensive hours on the week-end, the paycheck and the pension benefits won’t be enough to keep you motivated on the long run. Think about the aspects that could make you run a project or a task in no time knowing this would happen.

2. Don’t make your answer too long or unstructured

The danger with this question is to make it very emotional and to tell everything that goes through your mind. This is why it is important to list before your job interview the true motivation you have for working in a position and pick one or two that will make the difference for the hiring manager to hear based on the job role.

Always structure your answer first starting by the type of motivation, and then wrap it up with an example where it happened and where you had to use a skill that will be applied for the job position you are interviewing for.

3. Never say I am super motivated

While the question is about your motivation, avoid using that the job in its whole motivates you and you are very motivated. Throughout the job interview, having job candidates who repeat a few times that they are motivated for this role without a deep dive into what are the aspects of their motivation gives the feeling that they are trying to convince themselves that they are actually motivated for the role. This type of answers without real background are quite junior but happens frequently in job interviews.

Be genuine and combine it with the job position requirements, and you will ace this job interview question. For every job interview question there is always a bit of preparation to make but this one will help you to be standing out from other candidates on the big day.

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