The truth about working from home

If you are wondering how your next job should look and you are not sure about the benefits of working from home, we have summarized here the reasons that motivate remote workers to have a good work-life balance.

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Before the pandemic, the few employees who had the chance to work from home were seen as privileged in some countries. From one day to another, companies have had to adapt and allow their employees to work from home regardless if this was part of their politics. Many employees have had hard time to adapt, like for any change, but once settled and the new routine developed, many have witnessed the benefits of working from home.

No more commuting time says that on average an employee would commute 25 minutes to go to work and 25 minutes to return home. This is already a bit less than 1 hour lost per day to get to the office location. We all know those colleagues who commute 1 hour or more every morning or every afternoon. Employees working from home full time say they are now using this time in different ways but for their own benefits.

Eat healthier and Practice sport

Working from home has a huge benefit for those who had previously no time to practice sport because of long commuting time, high number of business trips or felt highly tired when coming home. Employees working from home feel the need to get out of their home and practice sport to feel energized. They also have more time to cook and eat healthier food because they have significantly reduced the amount of time eating outside, buying frozen or take away meals.

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Increase international experience

Regardless of what it may look like when it comes to working from home, people are afraid to feel isolated and have low contact with the external world. While this could be true for some types of jobs, remote work gives the opportunity to apply for companies located in other countries or locations initially impossible due to large commuting times. Companies are now able to hire more diverse employees with different socioeconomic backgrounds who would not be able to afford living in the area of the company location.

Companies with remote options are modern

The great advantage applying for companies that embrace the working from home environment is that they tend to be more modern, understanding the work life balance dilemma and offer their employees flexibility with their working hours. Those companies would put forward the quality of their employees' work more than the quantity of hours spent in front of the computer. Today many researchers have proven that working long hours every day is not a sign of productivity but rather a sign of inefficiency. Modern companies do understand that and embrace this culture.

Your company is trusting you

One of the main reasons employees leave their job is because of the lack of trust felt by their boss or the company culture. The access to working from home is a proof of trust by your company, some may get the micro manager type of person, this still exists in remote work, nevertheless, the boss will never be able to verify where you are and how hard you work each day. The company simply needs to trust that you will do your work; it does not matter how long you need to do your work, or if you are more efficient than your colleagues, what matters more is the quality of your work.

Saving money

Working from home helps you save money from lunch, commuting. reveals recently that the average cost for a take away meal in Europe, is around 9,75 euros while the average cost for 1 meal per person made at home is about 4 euros. This is more than 5 euros saved on average per person eating per day working from home. This money can be spent in other aspects of your life, like holidays, sport, personal project etc.

Spend more time with your family

A global poll conducted by Gallup and published on staff squared has uncovered that out of the world's one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs. One of the reasons being that workers are not spending enough time with their family and spending too much time at work. You have probably heard about the concept of having a good work-life balance. While many alternatives were found by companies to be giving time off to their employees, nothing will ever be as good as working from home. The only condition for this happiness to be developed is having a space at home dedicated to work. As human beings, we still need to set ourselves boundaries.

Making you more efficient

Your environment being your home, children being at school in normal time, the chance of being disturbed is lower at home than at the office. Remember how many small talks you had to engage once being in the office, or how much more pressured you can feel when you are being asked many questions from your colleagues all along the day? Working from home enables to focus more, having only one channel of communication to manage, being your video call conference most likely linked to your email and your agenda. No more, can I ask you a quick thing, or can you show me quickly how to... , it's much easier to be focused at home, making you work faster and better, allowing you to finish your work on time, and preventing many unnecessary hours.

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Many people would find it inconvenient working from home. It all depends on how you develop your working environment and what you do from the rest of your free time. This time should be used for family, friend or personal aspects of your life that really matters for you.

The newspaper USA Today Money has recently mentioned that “Nearly 30% of working professionals would quit if they had to return to office after the pandemic."

If one of your goals is to have a work life balance, working from home is one solution and one that has proven to be highly efficient for billions of workers forced to experience it during the pandemic.

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