How interviewing is a challenge for managers?

A job interview has two protagonists (sometimes more), the interviewer and the interviewee, during this process, you will meet the hiring manager who decides whether or not you are a suitable candidate.The hiring manager is the person responsible to get the work done, receive objectives and in time of crisis take the hit.

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Managers are responsible to protect the team and the company.

In the book ”Leaders eat last”, by Simon Sinek, a full section is dedicated to leaders and their function in our society. Their primary function is to be responsible for their team and ensure that the company continues to be performing throughout the different objectives given to Managers.

Those two functions impact two sides of a Manager’s work life. On one side the manager has the status and eventually additional benefits like a phone, a car, a possibility to travel business class or perhaps a certain freedom to manage their working hours, work from home etc. Compensation and benefits should also increase as the manager ranks higher in the hierarchy.

All compensations; benefits and other privileges that are given to managers can be a good reason to envy them and hoping to get a manager position someday.

The problem is, this part is only one side of the story, the one we know about or let’s say the obvious one. In a work life of a manager there are some aspects that employees may not think about because why would they?

Let’s review the less visible tasks of hiring managers:

  • Managing people who are low-performing

  • Managing stakeholders whose only interest is their own

  • Having little ressources to drive and accomplish projects

  • Dealing with operational or management crisis

  • Trying to work with the needs of subordinates staff at the same time

These aspects are added to what manager’s responsibilities initially are:

  • Managing projects or teams

  • Developing people skills

  • Taking ownership when problems are rising

  • Driving the team towards their objectives

When consolidating all those elements, the work life of a manager is not easy. Obviously, this is part of the game. That is the reason why they get more benefits but hiring managers are human beings and they might also feel frustration, doubts, stress or even fear from time to time, like everyone else.

Considering those aspects, when a position is open, the primary goal of a hiring manager is to adding value to the team. To make sure this person will not make the team’s life harder.

How can you make sure you fit your manager’s needs?

Hiring managers look for high rated soft skilled or social skilled candidates.The definition from techtarget of soft skills is “a personal attribute that supports situational awareness and enhances an individual's ability to get a job done. The term soft skill is often used as a synonym for people skills or emotional intelligence.

In other words, managers would hope for their team members to be independent, critical thinkers, good listeners, have a capability to resolve problems on their own and be bound with the team.

Hiring managers want to facilitate team coordination. They want their employees to understand the challenges and problems they deal with every day so they can support and get objectives easier to accomplish.

How does this change your job interview preparation?

Firstly, if you are aware about your soft skills, make sure it resonates during the job interview. In case you are not aware, make sure you work on it. This test will help you.

Secondly, candidates will often position their answers from their side; considering their point of view and their needs. It means they will try to articulate their answers talking about themselves. However, in order to stand out from other candidates, you need to work on your preparation thinking about your manager’s needs.

During your next job interview preparation, you can pause for a couple of minutes and try to understand what would be the life of your hiring manager? What could be its challenges? What could possibly be the additional burden? Think how you could simplify those aspects by being the new employee in the company. Include your findings in the content of your next job interview answers.

The more you think about the hiring manager’s day to day life at work, the more you will be able to connect with him or her during the job interview.

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The goal is to make it as transparent as possible. You need to be the employee who will fill the need of the company as per the job you will do and the need of the hiring manager as per the soft skills you have.

When the candidate selection comes, your future manager needs to think of you as an employee that will need low coaching time to operate, minimum support during problem resolution, straight forward conversation during assignment delegation and capability to interact with any type of stakeholders.

During your job interview preparation think that: welcoming a new team member is similar to growing the family and you like to have family members who understand, that you can trust.

The preparation of the job interview is crucial to access a targeted job; you need to control all aspects and you don't only express and articulate your needs but also the ones of your hiring manager.

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