4 ideas to hire the ideal candidate

When all the approvals for getting a new team member are received, the biggest part of the job is still to be done, analyzing CV, finding the right candidates and asking the right interview questions.

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We all want the perfect team member who will be pro-active, ready to take on new challenge, already know the job and will get on very well with the rest of the team. The problem is that often we do not have extended amount of time to select the right job candidate, rare are companies which give you the opportunity to hire an applicant before the current employee is gone.

In many cases, hiring managers need to decide fast and with limited information.

What are the things you can do as a hiring manager to increase the chance to hire the right candidate for your open position?

Will tell you all below but you need to know that all lays in using a combination of 4 technics.

1. List 5 hard & 5 soft skills you need

Hard skills are skills learnable throughout college or experience such as: Sales

  • Machine operation

  • Accounting

  • Programming

  • Engineering

  • Mathematic

  • Finance

  • Mechanical

  • Medical Diagnosis

  • Nursing

  • Optimization

  • etc.

Soft skills are all the skills that will help the candidates do the job such as:

  • Listening,

  • Poblem solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Patience

  • Networking

  • Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • etc

List first the ones that are very critical for the job and that you must find in the candidate. At the end of each job interview evaluate at 0 if the skills is available in the candidate or 1 if the skill is not available in the candidate.

When all your job interviews are done, exclude the ones with the highest score and keep the ones close to 0.

This rationalization will make you feel comfortable with your choice. Obviously make sure you ask question that will help you get input on those skills rather it is in the format or in the content of the questions.

This technic is a first step towards finding the right candidate but it is not the only one, as mentioned above you need to combine with other technics next to the well known interview questions to ensure you optimize your chance of hiring the right candidate

2. Be creative in your questions

The standard interview questions will always be very useful to get a first idea of who the job candidate is. Beyond the cover letter, a job interview candidate will have more to express. We do not talk about those weird questions that make only you smart but other creative questions that tell you a lot about the candidates.

We have listed the creative questions that have proven to be very efficient when it comes to learn about who the candidate truly is.

  • What is your natural strength?

Here is it not about the strengths in the current position of the candidate but what the candidate does in its day to day life that seems super easy for him or her but would not obviously be for other. With this question, you often get a real core value of the candidate personality.

  • What kind of animal would you be? and why ?

You may feel silly for a little bit, but this question combined with the "why?" tells you a lot about the candidates. You can test it with your family and friends, and you will be gladly surprised how the characteristics of the chosen animal may reflect real personality traits of the person.

  • What qualities of your parents do you like the most?

Our parents have started to influence us from the moment we were born, the answer of this question will reveal the candidates personalities and inspiration., you can also continue and extend the question with asking if this quality is being reflecting in their day to day life.

  • What is the biggest misperception people have about you?

This question is a very good one because there is no misperception, if a manager perceive you in some way that is how your personality reflect on other and may potentially reflect on the team member or the manager.

Asking this question will help you understand if the job candidate is self-aware and willing to accept and work with critics. It is a tricky question because what truly matters at work is how people perceive you. Tony Hsieh, the chief executive of Zappos.com, uses this question often, he said that this is a “A combination of how self-aware people are and honest they would be”.

  • What were you doing on your very best day at work?

We need to be realistic, what will be considered as efficient for one job candidat may be different to another one. Understanding what a candidate considers being its best at work may help you realize what you could expect or not expect from the candidate.

  • Why shouldn’t I hire you?

This question forces the job candidate to think and be spontaneous about the answer. In general, candidates will be capable of turning every situation into a positive one, with this kind of question, it finally forces the candidates to tell something negative about its personality. No one is perfect and you will be happy to feel what could be some negative aspects of your potential candidate.

  • How did you prepare for this interview?

Throughout the answer to this question, you will get some information if the candidate is detail oriented or not, truly motivated and has done its research properly. It forces the candidates to tell what are the different steps he or she has taken to come prepare to this interview and it will also reveal throughout the details he or she will give you, if the preparation has been done properly.

3. Bring the job candidate outside of the meeting room

The common meeting room with the 2 chairs and 1 table is what the candidate has prepared to be in, if you want to know how the candidate will react outside of the comfort zone, bring him or her outside of where he or she expect to be.

Start with taking a couple of minutes to show him or her around. Make sure you introduce a couple of future potential colleagues. During the introduction, look carefully on the body language of the candidate, the interaction, and the way the candidate reacts when he or she comes across a potential future colleague. Does he or she smile, ask question, look interested by what is being said? Feel connected or happy to be there, feel comfortable?

  • Share a moment outside of the company with the short listed candidates

One way to identify if you and your team will feel connected with the job candidate is to share a moment outside of the company with the person.

It can be a diner, a lunch, a tea, etc.

The goal is to observe how the candidate will behave when the conversation is not prepared. Does the person look in the eyes, smiles, connects with others, asks questions, seems motivated to feel integrated in the team, wants to know more about other, listens when someone asks a question?

4. Don't come alone in the job interview

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Always come with someone in the job interview to get a second opinion. You can invite someone from your team, a peer or your manager. Having a second opinion is always a plus during the job candidate selection. If you have a doubt; the other person will help you to confort or confirm.. The second person can also perceive other aspects of the job candidate that you may not see yourself.

Finding the right candidate is not an easy thing to do and sometimes even with the best attention you can make a mistake but using a combination of tactics to gather a maximum of information and observe how the candidates reacts in different environment would help you maximize your chance to hire the candidate to fit your team, meet your objectives and be a great added-value for your company.

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