How to write a follow up interview email ?

You just finished your job interview, for which you have been preparing for a long time. It went well and you are convinced that this job is for you. Don’t stop now, there are still steps that can make you stand out from the other candidates.

Follow up interview email

67% of hiring managers say that they like to receive a follow up email after interviewing a candidate, yet only 36% of candidates do follow up after their job interview.

Sending a follow email after an interview is part of the job interview process, make sure you complete this process and optimize every part of your application to be the chosen candidate.

When and what to write in a follow up email?

follow up on interview email

Now that you are ready and convinced about writing your job interview follow up email, you are not sure what to write in your email.

Make sure you address the specific situation, that you address the hiring manager by its name, double check that there is no typo and most importantly don’t wait too long for sending your follow up email. A follow up email should be sent right after the job interview, max 24 hours after the job interview.

Start your e-mail with writing the subject, you can use: thank you for your time today! Thank you for the interview (job position), thank you (name of the company), appreciate time and conversation etc.

Once you write the subject and address the person by its name, write the core of your email. In your email you will:

  • Thank the person for its time and the conversation you have had

  • Restate how happy you have been to have the opportunity to discuss the job and how much you are even more convinced that this would be a dream come true to work in this role and for this company.

  • Restate 1 or 2 key elements that drove your conversation and if you have the opportunity attached 1 or 2 slides that empower your talk, show some key projects and results.

  • Offer to send out additional information if needed

Close your email and make sure there is no typo in naming the person and in the core of your email. This could actually give a different look on your application.

Follow up email after a phone interview

Sometimes your first interview will happen over the phone; this is what we call screening the candidate. Phone screening for HR specialists or hiring managers is a way to narrow down the list of candidates, so they may call a high number of candidates in a short period of time. Sending a follow up email is a way for you to stand out from the other long list of candidates.

In this situation only very few candidates send out a follow up email, you are sure to be noticed.

follow up interview email template

If you have been headhunted for this phone screening process, make sure that you thank the person for the opportunity of speaking about the position from the company, if you are genuinely interested in the position, write it down in your email and mention your skills and competencies that you have for which you think will be a good fit for the job position.

In case, you are not interested in the position, you will still write an email, you will use your follow up email for networking. Let the person hear the reasons why you think you are not interested in the position but let him or her know that in case other positions happen to open, you are interested to hear from them. Let your linkedin, phone and email address to ensure they get your right contact details.

Follow email after a second interview

You have done a first interview, sent your follow up email, was selected for the second interview, and here as well you will be writing a follow up email. This one may slightly change from the first one.

You will still use a subject email, this can be similar from the first follow up email, mention the person you have been talking to during the job interview, however, here, try to go into more details.

Send out an email where you integrate a few thoughts that you have had following the job interview to work on challenges you have been discussing, make them understand what you will be doing if you are selected as the candidate to fill in their open position.

No need to write an extensive email, the objective here is to let them feel that you already picture yourself into the position and your motivation and desire to work for them are real.

Make your email genuine and honest, and let them know that you remain at their disposal to give any additional information they might need.

Follow up email after no response

follow up interview email

In case you have been going through an interview process and the company takes some time to come back to you, you can follow up with a no response follow up email, however make sure you send your email only after the deadline.

In your email mention that you wanted to verify with them after the deadline for their job interview process and understand if a decision was made. Complete your email by mentioning that you remain very interested in the position and if there is any need to send over additional information you will be happy to do so.

The only moment you can send a no response follow up email will be in the situation you have received an offer but still would rather go for the other company. In this case you can send a follow up email to let them know that you have been given an offer but you still would be happy to turn it down in case they chose you for the position.

In case they wanted to go with your application, they might speed up the process and come back to you.


When you have a job interview, whether it is a phone screening, a first round, a second round, always follow up with an e-mail.

  1. Make sure your email contains no typo.

  2. Send your email as soon as possible, no longer than 24 hours after your job interview.

  3. Mention the skills and competency you have and think will fit the position.

  4. Complete your email with slides if any topic in your job interview could have been supported by some content

  5. Close your email by saying you remain at their disposal for further information

  6. In case you have been interviewed by 2 or more people, send out a personal and individual follow up email to each of them.

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