How to improve your self confidence?

Self confidence could be summarized as a certain attitude about your skills and competencies. It basically implies you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life.

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Until now, we have been able to understand that your self confidence increases with the lifestyle you adopt. However, every habit you have can rapidly disappear.

One of our most advised books for self confidence is : « The Power Of Habits » by Charles Duhigg, it deals with how human beings do things. It basically implies that the most important part about habits is willpower. Once you understand how you change your habits, you are ready to make them work in the long run. Adopting habits will definitely improve the way you feel and make you more self confident.

For many people, being self confident is rarely something natural but rather something you build with time. The younger you start working on it the more self confident you will feel in your life.

We don't advise you to work on those all at the same time but to select 1 at the time, making it a habit and then, moving on with the next one. This being said, self confidence definition can vary and there are many ways to improve it.

Here is a list of 5 things you can action in your daily life:

1. Practice a sport everyday

The benefits of practicing a sport is no secret. Practicing it regularly increases your self confidence and boosts your energy. Try to get yourself a routine, doing few exercises in the morning before you start your day. Everyone is different so it will not be fair to advise you on a specific sport, the most important is that you practice something you like. You can also practice it with a different intensity each day.

2. Don't eat processed sugar

cookies and lollipops ready to be eaten

Non natural sugar does slow down your energy and reduce the « feel good » sensation in your body, try to eat organic food and your energy will significantly increase. Which will make you more self confident.

3. Read books

To increase your knowledge and understanding of your surroundings and lifestyle.

Here are a few ideas of topics : sleep, habits, relationship, body, mindfulness, happiness. If you don't like to read, make sure that when you do it, it creates and adds value to your lifestyle so you understand how things work. This will also help you to change your habits if you understand the why and the what of the natural string of your life.

If you don’t like reading, you might also want to check out audiobooks, there are great alternatives for those who don’t have time or don’t want to spend time reading books.

We recommend you the Audiobook Explorers website, it is a digital library which gathers the best audiobooks available, whatever your genre is, you might find something you will enjoy. This will independently make you more self confident.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Instead of starting your day by a heavy breakfast, try for a week to replace your usual cereals or jam with fruits. Increase the amount of vegetables in your plate ; without any doubts and for having tested it on many people. The sensation of energy, motivation and pleasure to do things along your day will significantly increase.Which will ultimately also make you more self confident.

5. Don't or Drink Alcohol only for special occasions

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Alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep, makes you lose time when you need to recover from it during a few hours/ sometimes days and also for some people creates personality change. Alcohol is for most people a reason to lose confidence, doubt, increase paranoia in some cases and work against building self confidence.

6. Don't smoke

Smoking does make you lazy, reduce your blood circulation, reduce the quality of your breath.

Don't put pressure on yourself, working on 1 of those at the time and making it a habit is more important. If you don't take your time and try to make them all work, you risk asking too much of your mind and your body.

There are other advises we can give you in order to increase your self confidence such as :

  • Make sure you add value in your job

  • Be socially active

  • Be kind to other people

  • Maintain healthy relationships with other

In this blog, we wanted to focus on the actions that only depends on you and yourself, in order to practice sport, eat healthy, reduce alcohol, not smoking you don't need anyone to do so, it only works if you have the motivation and you have decided to take actions on increasing your self confidence.

Having a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards being successful in your life and in your work. If you are self confident, people will be more inclined to hire you.

For managers dealing with a team member who is scared to talk in public, don't trust his skills, always needs recognition or encouragement before taking any initiatives is time consuming.

Save some time by working on your self confidence. There are simple steps that you can take which only require strong motivation and a willingness to change habits.

If you want to read more about self confidence, we recommend you reading this blog from the INLP center.

For further advice, you will find below a list of books for self confidence:

  • The Charisma Myth, by Olivia Fox Cabane

  • Confidence Creator, by Heather Monahan

  • Nice girls don’t get the corner office, by Lois P. Frankel

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