How to easily turn down a job offer? (with example)

When you start applying for a job, you will probably apply to multiple job offers at the same time, giving yourself the chance to enter the interview process as quick as possible.

Once you entered the job interview, Glassdoor reports on average 23.8 days the average days for receiving an offer from the first interview. While this number can vary between 3 days to 3 months for some companies, the chance that you have enrolled in several job interview processes is big.

In some situations you may need to turn down the offer because you are not satisfied by the terms of the contract or simply because you have received another offer that fits you better.

Taking the decision to turn down an offer is not such an easy thing to do. You may have doubts if this is the right choice for you. In any case, you will need to inform the company that you don’t accept the offer and therefore will not be working for the hiring manager.

How easily can you turn down the job offer?

1. Don’t wait

The first thing to consider while turning down a job offer is mainly to do it as quick as possible. You may need a moment to take your decision, but once you have taken the decision, inform the company about it. This is a way for you to show respect to the company and help them saving time finding another candidate for the job you have received the offer.

2. Inform with the right communication

One way to really show respect to the company you have applied for is to quickly but briefly give a phone call to the hiring manager or send an e-mail. Phone call is more brief and could be more appreciated. Giving a phone call will also help you to close more nicely the conversation with the hiring manager and express your gratitude. You may be asked to follow-up with an email, we are showing below an example of the type of response you wan write to the hiring manager.

3. Show your appreciation

The most important part when you are turning down the offer is to say thank you for the time spent into understanding your profile. It is the job of the hiring manager but the recruitment process is often time consuming and the interviewer took the time to read your resume or your motivation letter and got interested by your profile and your experience, finaly took time to write down an offer. For all those reasons, make sure you thank the hiring manager.

4. Be brief

Don’t write a too long email or expand too much on the phone conversation. Your goal is to inform that after considering the offer you have decided not too move forward with it. You do not need to write an extensive message.

5. Avoid giving details on the reason

Writting an email to turn down an offer does not need to be too detailed about the reason why you don’t accept the job offer. It is always better to give a little bit of explanation so the hiring manager knows you have not turned down the offer because of a bad job interview experience but because you see more suitability with another job.

6. Don’t use it to negociate

When turning down the job offer, you need to understand that the company will not be coming back with a better offer. This scenario may only happen in very specific markets or when you are head hunted but know that this is not common. You cannot use this to enter into negociation with the company. In case you are still considering the position, be clear about it and tell the company.

7. Only turn down if you are sure

When you receive the job offer, you must be satisfied with the terms and conditions, you should do it only if you are fully convinced that the offer is a good fit with you and your competencies.

The job interview process is a both way one. Even if when you applied to the job you thought this would be a a good job, you may feel differently once you go through the job interview process and the hiring manager tells you about the company, the job tasks and the environment.

What you need to remember is that this step of the job interview can happen to everyone and applying to several job if you think those jobs could be a good fit for you is a normal thing to do.

You never know how long can take a job interview process and having only one at a time is stressful.

Here is a simple but highly effective example on how to turn down your job offer.

Dear xxx

Thank you for the offer.

Though it was a difficult decision, I have accepted a position with another company.

I would like to thank you for interviewing me, I have enjoyed our conversation and I am convinced that in other event, I would have been a happy employee working for xxxx

Once again thank you for the opportunity.

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