How to avoid job interview anxiety?

Job interview anxiety is a natural feeling that individuals may feel at different levels. If you are part of those candidates for whom anxiety for job interview is a reason for failing or reducing the chance to be successful at a job interview, you need to get better at this and overcome your own challenge.

anxious man feeling job interview anxiety

The good news is that you can use the job interview anxiety and turn it into something positive. Successful candidates at a job interview also may have anxiety but they know how to control it and use it for their success.

We will give you job interview anxiety tips you can work on in order to overcome your job interview anxiety and we will provide you with the steps to follow.

First of all: Accept your job interview anxiety

Self-awareness about job interview anxiety is the first step toward using it for your success. It is necessary that you know how to recognize it and you know what the signs of your anxiety are. For instance, are you short of breath, are you having trouble sleeping a few days before the job interview, are you overeating, are you not eating, are you constantly thinking of what can go wrong?

The reason why we ask you to accept and recognize your job interview anxiety is that once you know what are the signs of your anxiety, you can start planning what you will do to overcome the anxiety signs.

Let us give you a few job interview anxiety tips here. If your job interview anxiety is manifesting itself through.

1. Lack of sleep

sleeping man tired after a job interview

In this case, you will look for solutions that will help you get a better sleep at night.

Avoid computer or phone screen, 2 to 3 hours before the bedtime. Make breathing series of 8 breath in & out during 10 times before bedtime. Avoid exciting substance like alcohol, smoking, chocolate before bedtime

Favorize reading activity before your bedtime but choose a book that will not make you think of your job interview.

There is an interesting book that we recommend when it comes to sleep improvement called: Why we sleep by Matthew Walker.

If you observe your job interview anxiety is about overeating:

Make sure you do your grocery early enough. Fill in your bucket with healthy stuff that will favor your concentration and your self-confidence, such as fruits & vegetables or healthy snacks.

There is a nice application that will help you with giving you nutritive information of each product called YUKA. This application will allow you to scan each product and give you a “Healthy score”. With this, you will then be able to check out what food is healthy and what food is not.

2. You can’t eat

If on the contrary, you job interview anxiety makes it impossible for you to eat:

Make sure you shop food you really like and eat frequently during the day with small pieces, so you do not lake energy before your job interview and you help your body to focus and concentrate.

If your job interview anxiety is soft before the job interview but you know that the hiring manager can strongly feel it during the questions time, here as well there are few things you should do. Let us develop this part below.

3. Moving Hands

If you are overly moving hands, during job interview:

Practice with a professional in a real-life job interview exercise and try staying and keeping your hands stable, use professional moving with your hands only when necessary and try making it natural.

4. You forget words

If your anxiety is showing by having a lack of focus, you forget information you want to provide, and you are not showing confidence. The main thing you can do is to

Practice & get yourself prepared for your job interview.

This is where anxiety becomes useful, in general people with anxiety tend to be more prepared than the one who do not feel anxiety of feeling not so strongly.

Another job interview anxiety tip we would like to recommend you is a video. It will also help you getting more insight on how to use anxiety for a purpose:

How to Replace Anxiety With Purpose by Jake Heilbrunn.

We will also help you here with recommendations on how to prepare yourself to overcome your job interview anxiety.

Second of all: Prepare your job interview

1. Train on the most asked job interview questions

job candidate preparing for a job interview

There are very few job interview where none of those questions would be asked, the reason is that the job interviewer need to start to create a relationship with the candidate before he evaluates any other aspects of the personality, and without a context or a few information about yourself, the job interviewer will have struggles to start connecting with you. This is why you will, in most job interviews, encounter those questions, so make sure you know how to showcase your application, and demonstrate you are the best candidate, practice with a friend or a professional until you feel comfortable with all of those questions.

  • Could you summarize your experiences?

  • What makes you believe you will be a good performer at this job?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Why do you want to quit your current position?

  • How would you describe your actual Manager? What would you say are his strengths and weaknesses?

  • What are your expectations from this job?

  • What are the things you like about your job today and what are the ones you do not like?

  • What are the projects or initiatives you are proud of and why?

  • What questions would you like to ask to the manager at the end of your job interview?

2. Get everything checked before your interview

Another job interview anxiety tip is simply to be 100% ready. There are few things that can turn wrong as you leave for your job interview, make sure you check the company web-site, history, name of the job interviewer and other person that may be part of the job interview, check that your car may not have anything wrong as you start up the engine, load your phone with battery, check the itinerary at most rushed hours so you plan enough time.

Ask the job interviewer if you need to come prepared with any specific content. Part of the preparation is also to make sure that you have everything under control, and the worst thing that can happen with someone that strongly feels anxiety would be to arrive at the job interview and discover that no one told you about something you had to prepare.

job interview preparation the ambitious

When you are anxious for a job interview, you need to anticipate everything that could go wrong. The secret for you to succeed in the job interview is to feel relaxed because you will already know how to react to a specific situation as you have prepared for it.

Ask the recruitment agency of the job interviewer if you need to bring any specific document, come prepared with specific content or if you will be tested on a specific part of your application. Make sure you ask for it some time in advance so you can prepare nicely.

Going to a job interview is not easy and for most of us, it will bring anxiety at different levels, in this case recognize your anxiety, make sure you know what are the signs and that you overcome those signs through anticipation. As you are anxious you will also come very much prepared about all aspects that can go right or wrong in your job interview. Your job interview anxiety will be under control. It will not be seen by the job interviewer as a lack of self-confidence or worst: lack of preparation.

If you need professional help with preparing your job interview and working towards reducing your anxiety of job interview, you can contact us at The Ambitious. We offer job interview coaching sessions that last for one hour, you can book as many as you need and our price is fixed at 39 euros. For more job interview anxiety tips or advices about job interview preparation, feel free to send an email to:

For more on this topic, watch our video:

We wish you good luck with your job interview and we encourage you to believe in yourself.

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