How to answer " what can you contribute to the company" ?

Today we are gooing to take a look at an important question asked in job interviews: What can you contribute to the company?

This question is mostly asked in the first round of job interview but if not properly answered this can make your audience lose interest in your application.

There are a few things to know about this question, we will discuss them and we will look at the what can you contribute to the company example answer.

Sometimes this question can be asked differently like what can you contribute to the team ?

First this question can also be asked as what is the added-value you can bring to the company or how do you see yourself contributing to the company. It is a different way to ask the question but the expectations of the hiring manager are the same.

However what will change is the job position for which you need to answer to this question: For instance how can you contribute to our company as a fresher or as a fresh graduate or as a manager.

You need to know that the objective of the question is for the hiring manager to understand how will you contribute to the company differently from what the current employees are. What the manager wants is often to complete his team with the skills he does not have yet within the team.

A hiring manager looks at the complementary profile that will be supporting his or her objective.

This question of what can you contribute to the company is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how you stand out from other candidates. So, think clearly before you give your what can you contribute to the company answer.

Based on the position you are applying to if not entry level, you will formulate you answer around the skills, the experience and the qualifications you have for the role. When you apply as a fresh graduate or when you have no experience you will have to focus on your personal experience and your personality.

Let us first look at how to structure your answer when you have experience for the interview question, what can you contribute to the company.

How will you contribute to the company for an experienced job position?

In your answer you will be using a S(Situation)T(Task) A(Action) R(Result) techniques that mean you will empower what you want to say with a concrete exemple. So, first list the skills and experience you want to put forward and highlight with an example.

For instance (S) you have been increasing sales with a 10 percent extra than what you were initially asked to do. Then you tell how you were able to do so, (T) you can say that you were able to increase the sales with following closely every lead and working on putting a customized sales strategy for all the leads you had. (A) Also with 1 of your colleague you had partnered to enable also collaborative work to be emphasize to prevent down time on sales when you were off. Team work also look good with customer. (R) at the end, this strategy together with your team partnership increased your colleague sales by an additional 8 % than what you were asked and an additional 10% for you.

Wrap up your answer by saying that you always look for opportunities while still keeping the team as a priority. You don’t see yourself working in solo and you always make the team objectives a priority.

Another example focusing on a specific skill would be:

In the company I will contribute to identify the gap in process efficiency, I have last year completed a lean six sigma certification that helped me optimize 30% of the current process of my department. I have learnt techniques that help me in my day to day when I analyze a specific process. With this certificate I am now able to recognize easily using few technics the steps in process that are not adding value for the company and the customer. I will use the knowledge and my experience in this lean six sigma environment to support our productivity target team objective.

It is always important to focus on what you have achieved and how you achieved it by linking it to the company you are applying for. The hiring manager needs to be able to picture how will the skills that you mention be beneficial for his or her own objective.

Now let us have a look at the How will you contribute to the company answer with an application that have low and no experience.

This can be the case if you are a fresh graduate and have 1 or 2 internship.

In this case, you will emphasize either projects you have successfully completed at the University, or experience you have had in your summer job or other volunteer or associative work you have done. In this situation what you will emphasize is your ability in taking initiative and learning fast.

When you are considered a junior candidate for the job market, focus on those 2 skills. A hiring manager would rather have someone who is able to pick up task on his own, stay motivated and learn things quickly than having someone with loads of experience but who needs ages to complete a task.

Never forget that young graduates are very interesting for a company because they are full of motivation and cheaper than an employee with experience. So do not think you have no value and be sure that companies want people like you.

Here is an example on how to answer to the question:

How can you contribute to the company as a young graduate?

During the last 5 summers I was working first as an entertainer for a tourist camp, I was animating children between 5 and 9 years old. During this time I was in charge of the planning, activities but also had the responsibility on a daily basis of looking after 20 to 30 children. After the second year on the camp site, the owner gave me very positive feedback on the work I performed during the whole summer and offered me the responsibility of the animation for the whole camp for the next year.

The next year I had 8 employees in charge, and I was responsible not only to supervise that the children club was doing great but also for the sport and evening activities to be matching the budget I was given and that all activities were done safely.

Managing the team was an amazing experience and the owner was for another year satisfied of my work and offered me the job the next year again.

This experience taught me many things but amongst them I learnt how to manage my time, to meet my boss expectations while making the team efficient. I also learnt how to deal with stress and customer who complain. I will use all those skills in your company and I am hoping to contribute greatly to the open position with my positive attitude and willingness to overcome every challenge that I find on my way.

Giving a concrete example helps the hiring manager to visualise your performance and skills.

It is easier to understand how those skills can be put at contribution in another company. What can you contribute to the team is a tricky question only if you don’t prepare for it. Just make sure you are ready to give the best what can you contribute to this company answer.

When you are asked, How can you contribute to the company, think about everything that makes you who you are and analyze what you have done in the last four years that make your profile different from other candidates.

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