How to ace your video interview ?

Having to go through a video interview is no longer uncasual. With the digitalisation of our society, plus the pandemic, most of the job interview process starts by a job interview video.

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If this is happening, don’t worry if you prepare for your video conference interview in the same way as if you would do an in person job interview and you add a few video interview tips that we will share with you in this blog, you will see no difference with a common job interview.

A way to succeed in your digital job interview video or conference as you like to call it is to control all the factors that could go wrong during the interview so you can focus on connecting with the interviewer and create the same bound as if you were in person.

This means that you need to think of the same job interview steps you would follow for your job interview in person:

1: Prepare your interview (company check, practice most common interview questions, studying the job description)

2: Prepare for the moment you will go to the interview

3: Chit chat with the job interviewer

4: Respond to the job interviewer questions

5: Ask a couple of questions at the end

6: Leave the job interview online and send a thank you note

As you are going to do your job interview at home or in an environment where you will not see your hiring manager in person, there are few things to consider and verify.

1. Your environment

Use tool from the video like background settings.

You can use specific background that your online video tool has, if this is not possible, verify what is behind you and if possible make the video job interview in a lighty room with a white and clean background. This makes your environment feel positive and energetic through the camera.

Avoid choosing public place

Public space like coffee places or fast food even at quiet times of the day can still make you run through some challenges, a home environment increases the chances that all will go smoothly and you will not be disturbed by the noise.

Check the lighting ahead

Verify that you don’t appear dark on the camera, at some point of the day. The natural light of your room might not get easy for the camera to capture, get yourself 1 or 2 lights ready in case you need it.

Test out the camera

To be framed correctly with the shoulder in the vision you might need to make some adjustments, you want to be able to connect with the hiring manager in the eyes, adjusting your camera will help you to do so.

Pay attention to your note

At home, it may be difficult to connect, pay attention to the time you spend on checking your notes. If you need your note, make sure you don’t always look at it, because eye contact through the camera is one of your only ways to connect with the hiring manager.

2. Your equipment

Test out the audio

You have often this option on the online conference tool you will be using if not, just give a call to a friend and see if you can be heard well.

Test out the video

The same goes for the video: check out the frame, the light and how you appear on camera, try to make the light and color look natural.

Verify your network connection

One of the most important points for this online job interview is obviously the internet connection. There are 1 or 2 things you can do to optimize it, like closing all windows open on your computer, disconnecting any other device using the same internet server and getting yourself closer to the wifi settings.

Verify account access

It goes also with verifying that you have the right account access regardless of the online tool you will be using (Hangout, Teams, Zoom, Skype and remember your password).

Prepare as if you would be in person

For your online job interview , if you are compared with other candidates who also havon online interviews. Make sure you boost your confidence by dressing up just as if you would be going in person.

Clothes: Dress-up, this will make the job interviewer feel that you take this seriously.

Smile: I would say even emphasize your smile so this can really be felt by the job interviewer.

3. Master your body language

Your body language is also very important and will play a role in the connection with your job interviewer. If you are not smiling, staying straight and speaking with a monotonous tone of voice, this will make it even harder for the job interviewer to really feel a connection through the video.

Remember to get yourself straight with both feet on the floor, maintain eye contact and hands on your desk and look straight into the camera so you are directly looking at the interviewer.

Start & End as in person

Start the connection by avoiding jumping into the interview but chit chat, start by speaking shortly about something else than the interview. Logically the job interviewer will make this happen.

At the end, ask the contact of that person if you don’t have it to send a thank you note.

Once the interview is done, summarize the main key points and your enthusiasm through the thank you note. If you need help for this step, you can read this blog.

You will feel that you have done well at the job interview if at the end you realize that both yourself and the job interviewer forgot about having this job interview online rather than in person.

Know that, usually the online job interviews are shorter but still make sure you have no commitment or no delivery planned during this time and also a few minutes after in case the video job interview runs a little bit longer.

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