8 Tips to optimize your LinkedIn Profile

In 2021, having a top LinkedIn Profile is a “must have” for any professional on the job market. Linkedin is not only enabling us to find a job but also help recruiter to find candidates all over the world.

Underestimating the power of LinkedIn is an opportunity missed for any person with a desire of developing a career. A linkedin profile optimization is necessary to upgrade.

Once you have created a Linkedin Profile, there are a few things you need to know. Knowing them will help you to:

  1. Rank better on LinkedIn research, to be more easily found.

  2. Increase your chance to be head hunted.

  3. Add credibility and veracity to your profile

It is very rare that a hiring manager does not check your LinkedIn profile at some point in the hiring process. Often, this check is done before to invite you for a job interview but sometimes the check will be done afterwards. Make sure your profile is optimized from the moment you start looking for a job. The best linkedin profiles will always stand out more than others.

How can you optimize your LinkedIn profile? What are the important aspects you need to pay attention to? How can you develop your personal branding on Linkedin? Let us look now at how you can optimize your profile.

1. Headline

You headline must be effective, these are the first words a recruiter will see and will use to define your professional profile. It should never contain or be using sentence like seeking new opportunity. This can make a recruiter run away. Instead write down what added value you bring to a company or a specific industry. If you want to make visible that you are looking for new opportunities, LinkedIn has an option that you can activate in parameters of your profile.

An easy way to find your keywords for your headline is to find a job description and insert it on www.wordclouds.com, this will highlight the important keywords. A nice thing to know is that you can write 120 caracters on your headline when you are on on your deskptop but if you are on your mobile you can write 200 characters. Improve your headline by writing as much keywords as possible.

2. Be a specialist, not a generalist

An easy way to optimize your profile and to find a job faster is to make your profil specialize in a field or in an industry. Recruiter get lost when they have to identify the area where you will be good at. Instead focus on making yourself a speicalist. You will increase significantly your chance to be invited in a job interview.

3. Location

The location on your LinkedIn profile will automatically play a role on the recruiter candidate search. LinkedIn will first show the candidate in the area of the company location. If you are flexible or if you would like to find a job in another country, city, change your LinkedIn location to fit the place where you’d like to be.

4. Skills Endorsement

Skills endorsement is an important part of your LinkedIn Profile optimization. Make sure that the skills you have are not only related to basic competencies, but also reflect completely the field in which you are skilled and have experience.

In case you have a skill that is more endorsed than another but you would like to have other ones endorsed as well, you can remove from the list the one that has been endorsed too many times.

In this case LinkedIn will be forced to show the other skills but will still keep the one you have already endorsed.

The skills endorsement are also used as keywords by LinkedIn to show your profile.

Don’t forget to also endorse other people for the skills you have, you will be showed in their profile. This will also increase your visibility.

5. Recommendation

Work on your recommendation, this should be part of working on your network and building connection in the industry you work in. Write recommendation for others and have other write recommendations for you. This part does not only show the veracity of your profile but also increase the maturity and the expertise of your personal brand.

Professionals don’t usually write recommendation if they dont feel like doing it. It is a way to reassure the recruiter and apply additional credibility.

6. Connect

Connect with people who have the same job title as you or share the same industry. LinkedIn shows your connection number up to 500, make sure you complete this number as soon as possible. Engage with your network by sharing posts or commenting on other’s posts. Those little steps also make your profile more expert and help create a strong and clear personal brand for your profile.

7. Experience Description

In order to optimize your Linkedin profile, also pay attention to the description of your experience, make it look expert by showing and telling what you have concretly achieved in your past experience. Use action words instead of adjectives. This automatically shows a more mature profile.

8. Follow LinkedIn Advice

The last part that I would like to share on how to optimize your profile is also to trust what LinkedIn is recommending you to complete, in the top of your profile you have a bar showing the progress. If the information is relevant, try to complete it so LinkedIn can show your profile as expert.

Linkedin is your professional window, if you are actively looking for a new job, make sure your profile is optimized and that you work on your personal branding constantly. Review each month the sections of your LinkedIn profile and update, but also constantly develop your network by engaging on LinkedIn with other professionals.

If you need help to optimize your profile, reach out to us and get a Job Search Booster Session.

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