5 steps to find your remote job

The era of working from home is now coming and many of us understand the great benefits of working from home. Having a remote job and having to commute only from your bedroom to your office room is no longer a dream.

where to find remote jobs

If working from home is still not yet fully accepted in all countries or companies, , we see a great increase in remote jobs posting. With the current sanitary crisis, companies also understand the importance of making their employees flexible in their locations of working as we have seen a need to switch our work environment one day to another.

Working from home brings benefits like saving the commuting time to replace it by doing essential things, no stress of being on time at work and managing the daily morning routine. It is also less stressful when the work environment and relationship with co-worker are challenging, working from home brings a little more distance into this heavy environment. At the end, those benefits are shared between the employees and the company. It helps the employee to only focus on tasks to be done and their own performance.

Working from home brings one challenge, it is harder to perform networking and relationship building becomes more difficult over time. There are great advice on how to overcome these challenges (organize online lunch, giving spontaneous call etc. etc. )

While many of us are now required to be working from home during the sanitary crisis, most of us will have to return to work at some point in time.

For many employees, the thought of having to return to work is difficult to accept. Many people are now thinking of finding a permanent remote job and never have to return to an office again.

Before starting your search, you need to consider that your remote job needs to be still in some locations, cause you will have a labor contract that will belong to one country. Make sure that you don’t need a working visa if you apply to a remote job in a country different from yours and also consider the time zone.

Once you have figured out the administration part and you are sure that remote work is what you need. You are ready to start your journey on remote job search. Here are 5 pieces of advice on how to get remote jobs.

  1. Sign up to Remote Job Boards

Our first advice is for you to get registered on the Remote Jobs Board. There are not many efficient board dedicated, here we name a few:

Flexjobs is one of the most popular boards for remote jobs, you will find many very well known corporations who will post their remote jobs over there. You will also find many tips and blogs dedicated to remote jobs.

The Ambitious is a startup that provides job interview training for young professionals and students. Their price being very low brings up the opportunity to everyone to access their coaching session. Every week they run a selection of the most interesting remote jobs across the world.

This job board is specialised in start-up. If you are sure that big corporations are not for you. Here you might find some interesting job postings, including remote jobs in start-up companies.

Once on those websites, place jobs alert and select your own filter. To make sure to receive daily updates, you often can subscribe to their newsletter or job alert section.

You can also use traditional job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed, and filter your criterias with remote jobs.

2. Post directly on their website

You need to know that companies often advertise their remote jobs on their own website or social media. If you have a list of selective companies you want to work for, the best is to screen their social media everyday.

You can also advertise yourself directly to the company and contact their Human Resource services.

where to look for remote jobs

3. Make your current job remote

Today, it is not rare to see many jobs initially being in person office jobs turning into remote jobs. One thing you can consider is to talk with your manager and understand if she or he would be open to turn your current role into a remote job and what would be the conditions for it.

Many companies are more and more open to have their own employees being full time at home. The recent sanitary crisis has demonstrated that productivity with home office does not decrease and would even in some cases increase.

4. Use your network

Words from Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter.com: “About 90 percent of job openings go unadvertised, yet about 90 percent of candidates apply only to advertised job openings.” A recent survey also found that 45% of job seekers hear about job openings through friends, and another 31% through professional connections.

Speak to the people you know, friends and family but also previous coworkers who have left your current company or who may know other contact in other places. As remote jobs are more likely to become the new trend for all but are not yet the norm, if there are open jobs, people in that company would know about it.

Check as well Facebook groups who are dedicated to remote jobs:

5. Create your own remote job

There are many ways to develop your own business and get your own money working from home using the internet. Today, working for a company to be able to stay home is no longer the only option. You can earn money staying home by either creating your own business, responding to online surveys, work with dropshipping, write a kindle ebook, give online language classes, do freelance and advertise your services on websites like Fiverr.

Creating your own website or business may require additional effort or knowledge that you may not have today, but the beauty of the internet is that you can acquire any knowledge missing for a small price for instance using UDEMY.

Working from home can be done through searching for a company who offers their employees to work full time from home but can also be done through your own means with some determination.

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