5 ideas to find your graduation internship

Soon, you will need to start your internship. We can use many terms to name it: a graduation internship, a postgraduate internship, graduation internship, postgraduate internship, internship after graduation, internships for graduate students.

young student doing a graduate internship in 2020

At the end, this will be your first official working experience which will be followed by many other ones, even if graduate internships 2020 may look more remote than any other ones before, this does not make it easier to find it.

However, if you follow a few tips, your research for a graduation internship may be an enjoyable process to go through.

Here are 5 tips that we share with you to ease the process of finding your graduation internship.

1. Be clear about what you need and what you want

The internship that you will choose for your graduation needs to be chosen carefully. This internship plays an important role and may impact in some occasions the way you will kick off your career.

It will be the most recent experience you will share in a job interview once you have graduated.

It is not only important for your experience and skills you will be developing during the internship period, but it is important when it comes to boost your confidence.

Graduated students feel more comfortable to start looking for their dream job once they have had a positive experience before. What you will feel capable of doing and how you will handle your internship will impact on the way you react on the job market once you are a part of it.

So make sure you list what you are hoping to get out of this internship, this way you can make it clear to everyone you speak to.

2. Start as early as possible

Once you know what you want and what you need, start looking for an internship, don’t wait until the last minute. This is the best way to postpone your starting date or worst to go for an internship you don’t really fancy.

Students can't wait for the last 3 to 4 weeks to search for an internship. Companies may often start looking for an intern at the beginning of their fiscal year (which can be anytime during the year). They do so to close down their hiring budget as soon as possible.

In addition, companies may have an extensive hiring process even for internships. The internship could lead to a long-term contract for the intern. For many companies, a graduate internship serves as a probation period for them to hire your afterwards.

If you are out of ideas to find your internship, try Internshipmapper, this amazing website gathers lots of internships abroad and allows you to register, create a profile and post your application.

3. Use your environment to network

Finding an internship falls also into who you know and whom you dare to speak to. Being able to speak to everyone who may have an opportunity for you or contact people can bring you very far in your research. It only takes 7 interactions to speak to anyone you want and that includes the CEO of most famous companies.

young graduates speaking about graduation internships

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to speak about your internship when you get the chance.

When you speak about it, be clear from the beginning on what you need, people may help you if they feel you know exactly what you need and how you need it.

You can network in multiple manners, at your university, in your family, asking friends of your family or going to career fairs in person or now online.

You can also search for previous students who were studying in your universities. Ask them about the internship they have done, they may still have the contact or even work for the company.

Finally, you can select a few companies you would like to experience your graduation internship in and send them a spontaneous application.

Nowadays, you can easily find contact people via platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Prepare your resume and update your LinkedIn profile

It is difficult as a student to put forward your experience but be aware that any of us acquire skills along his life journey. If you have had a summer job, got onto voluntary work or support a project in the course of your life, those are all experiences that you can put forward on your resume as real life experiences.

Once you have listed the experience you would like to share on your resume, identify what are the skills and competencies you have developed along and add them on to your resume. Check out online platforms to acquire additional skills or competencies like for instance Udemy.

Once you are presenting your resume, be confident about yourself, getting onto this educational journey until now has never been an easy thing to do, so why would you not be able to get on this internship graduation as anyone has done before you, even the most important CEOs.

What companies want to see in your curriculum vitae/resume for an internship is the potential that is sleeping. Hiring managers know that when you are applying for an internship, they cannot expect you to have thousands of work experience so do not be sorry about it.

However, they expect you to have a motivation to kick off your career and be willing to learn anything that the company is willing to teach you.

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, we advise you to create one and make it up to date, many companies use LinkedIn to verify your information and check out on your resume. LinkedIn is also a good way to network and find an internship. You will find many internships offered on the platform using the search tab. Here are few tips on how to get a good LinkedIn profile

5. Prepare your interview

Our last piece of advice on how to find your graduation internship is to come prepared for your interview. So far you may have not gotten the opportunity to practice on an internship interview.

Going on an internship interview is a stressful moment and can be surprising.

You can make it less stressful by:

  1. Practicing at least the 10 most asked internship questions

  2. Preparing and searching for the authentic answer you will give, for instance your strength and your weaknesses.

  3. Studying the job description of the position and selecting key words to place in your internship interview.

Know that each internship or job interview questions has its own objectives and for almost all of them there are several things to know. Knowing them will get yourself on a successful path towards getting the internship you want.

You can rehearse with someone you know or with a professional. Review the job description carefully so you integrate the keywords of that job description in your answers. Last but not least review the company history, market access model and latest news.

Finding an internship can be fun and boost your confidence if you follow a few steps and prepare for it. When you need support on your internship interview preparation you can contact us. We teach you everything we know about internship interviews and we prepare you for it. Our price is low, so students can afford it.

We wish you good luck and don’t forget that the most important is to believe in yourself, We believe in you. In every part of us there is a piece of ambition.

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