14 things to consider to apply for a job when you already have one

Having doubts, wanting to grow, getting more responsibility, numerous are the reasons why applying for a new job when you already have one.

applying for a job when you already have one

When you take the decision to apply for a new job, there are few points to be considered before, during and after your job search. Knowing those points will help you to ensure that neither you nor your company put each other in a difficult position. You keep your reputation to its best until the end.

Having already a job makes you more attractive to other companies, it also boosts your confidence and definitely puts you in a strong position to negotiate your salary or other benefits that you currently have or would like to acquire in your future company.

To keep your job and maintain your network, here are 14 things you may want to consider.

1. Avoid bragging to everyone about your job search

Rare are the companies who replace employees before the current employee has left. There is often this transition period who is extremely challenging on the rest of the team because it puts them under pressure to perform the job of the person who left.

Sometimes job search may take weeks, even months, sometimes we start searching for a new job and then we stop for different reasons. Keep your job search for yourself will help the team to stay focused and will avoid them to get worried.

2. LinkedIn is 100% Up To Date

When starting your job search, update your LinkedIn profile, we advise you not to make it visible on LinkedIn that you are searching for a job if you currently have one. However, your profile needs to be fully up to date so recruiters can write your name on the internet and quickly screen your profile.

LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for recruiters and job seekers to put forward their profile in a simple and easy way. Young professionals often tend to neglect the level of details on LinkedIn that they put in their profile or do not spend too much time developing their network on LinkedIn. This could be a mistake.

3. Never bad mouth your current employer

Regardless of the reason that pushes you to search for a new job, I am of the opinion that bosses should always be kept out of the bad mouth, not only for you to look good but for everything that they may teach you from their greatness as a manager or for the opposite.

We always learn from any situation and spend time with your manager even if this one was not the greatest manager of all, this manager may have taught you something at some points. Staying put on your manager’s style may save you a lot of time and frustration.

What we should remember is that the job of manager is not an easy one to get and managers will always be in conflict of interest between the company, the team and what in their mind should be the right thing to do. Let us not lose time on bad mouthing our manager and keep only the positive aspect of him or her.

4. Do not use your current coworker or supervisor as references

In Alignment with our first point of avoiding telling about your job search, the same goes with not using your current co-worker as reference. This goes almost without saying it but it is important for all the reasons you can think about.

5. Stay focus on your current job

This may be the most difficult part, but it is important that you stay focused on your job and that the same quality of work you were delivering before you start your job search remains constant and visible. You do not know when your job search will be successful or if you will want to change your job at the end.

Keeping this at a consistent level is important for the company you committed for but also for yourself, your time in your current company will feel longer if you start slowing down on your motivation and commitment.

how to apply for a job you already have

6. Do not come dressed up with your job interview clothes

During your job search, pay attention not to come dressed up with the clothes you have used for the job interview. It is easy for your co-worker or manager to notice that you are dressing differently and start thinking that you may be looking for a new job.

7. Do not mention your job search on social media

Even if using your network can be a successful method to find a new job, posting on social media may be a risk that your content falls on your co-worker page or someone who knows you would share it with someone from your company. Do not take any risk but instead reach out to people individually.

8. Do not post your resume on job board

Posting your resume on the job board is taking the same risk as posting on social media, this may also fall on someone’s page from your company.

9. Always be honest if you are confronted by your supervisor or manager

In case, your manager or someone has noticed and asks you if you are searching for a job. We advise to tell the truth. If you deny and come back a few weeks later with your notice period this will damage the relationship that you have built within your company and will raise the question on how can people trust you.

Do not proactively speak about it but in case someone asks you about it, make sure you will not say something that will contradict your saying later.

10. Slow down the search if you realize you are happy where you are

We all have great and bad times in our company or job position. Everything cannot always be amazing. High is the number of people who start looking for a job and give up on this after a few job interviews because they realize that they are happy in their current job position.

There is nothing wrong with searching for a new job when you already have one, sometimes it just helps us realize that we are happy, and we should keep going.

11. Plan interview wisely

Company tends to be flexible in planning interviews with potential candidates, we advise you to communicate about the best time for you. The most important is making sure that you plan a different outfit if you come back to work straight after your job interview.

If possible, try not to plan 2 job interviews in the same week, this may raise questions to your co-worker and manager if you arrive in the middle of the day or leave earlier twice in the same week and for several weeks.

12. Be nice when putting your notice

After looking for a job, going through the job interview, good news is that you have received an offer and accepted it. Time for you to tell your company. The notice period depends on the company terms and conditions, make sure you can commit to this notice period.

We also advise you to end up on a good note and remain flexible if they need you for passing over your knowledge.

13. Tell Job search is confidential

During your job interview process, you are in your right to tell the recruiters that your job search should remain confidential.

14. Use your personal tool

Avoid doing your job search on your working time or worst doing your research on your working laptop or phone. The commitment that you agreed to the company also falls at that level. If found out this may also jeopardize your reputation and bring your manager to be doubtful on your remaining motivation.

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