10 things to do to fail your job interview

Be aware of the little things that tend to irritate an interviewer or make less of a first good impression, things that would bring to an interview fail. The first aspect, I like to highlight is that a job interview has 2 specific objectives.

failed job interview

On one side, it is for the candidate to showcase him or herself and on the other side for the hiring manager to promote its management style, his team and the company. There are 10 things that candidates do and does not help them.

Let us review those 10 things to do to fail your job interview.

1. Provide extensive long answer

There is no better way to lose the attention of your interviewer than extensively answering to the job interview question. Depending on the type of question, the time used to answer it, can be different but be minded that the interviewer has most likely a list of 10 to 15 questions. Not giving her or him the chance to go through all of them might not be giving a positive impression. Focus on what matters for the interviewer and the company to know. No need to highlight details of your CV that have no link with the job position you are applying for. This is a big interview fail.

2. Forgot to date your information in a

chronological order

Some candidates we fail to date their information. When you formulate your answer, ensure that you provide a date to help the interviewer placing your story in its context. Regardless of the time of the event, you need to help your interviewer visualizing the context to keep him or her interested by your story.

In addition, when the hiring manager asks you to summarize your CV, ensure that you start from the oldest experience to the most recent one. Highlight the most important details of your CV. The ones that will matter for the interviewer. Finally, when telling about an experience, start by giving general details to help the interviewer visualize the context once again and end it by the details.

3. Interrupt the interviewer

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One of the worst things to fail a job interview, that a candidate can do is to interrupt the interviewer while talking. In general, the interviewer should not talk extensively during the interview. However, if he or she speaks, do not interrupt even if you want to say something. Wait for the interviewer to finish. This advice should be applicable for every interaction. In professional and in personal situation as well. However, during the job interview, you need to make sure the hiring manager feel you are a good listener and you don’t always need to comment or interrupt others to make your point.

4. Expressing negative feeling

The last thing you want to do, is to make your interviewer feeling bad. The ton of your voice and the nature of the information drive your interviewer feelings. If you express negative feeling towards an experience or a person, your interviewer will for a few seconds feel negative as well. You want to demonstrate that you are a positive person and that you see positive opportunity in every experience. During your job interview preparation, focus on the positive parts of your previous experience and highlight it if you have the opportunity.

5. Saying that you are motivated

One thing that is misperceived is to say that you are very motivated. Those few words most of the time do tell the interviewer that you may not be so motivated. This is a good example to fail your interview. Your motivation should be perceived through your answer when you describe the person you are, the experience you had and the skills you developed. Saying you are motivated almost feel like you need to convince yourself that you are.

6. Arriving late, dress casual or watch your clock

We mention those 3 aspects, but you may be aware of it already. Watching your clock might be the less obvious one. It is making the interviewer feeling like you would rather be somewhere else than in the job interview. Directly going to an interview fail.

7. Being too humble

In many occasions, you would be rewarded for it but not during a job interview. You are in competition with other candidates who will not hesitate to sell themselves and their skills. If you are too humble, the interviewer will never know what you are capable of. Job interview is the moment where you should showcase your skills, your experience and the great attributes of your personality. Always accompany them with a real example.

8. Picking your nose

it is not so rare to see candidate that would slightly pick their nose. In most cultures, picking nose is perceived as having bad manners. Avoid doing it during your job interview. This may not pull you off the list of the potential candidate but would secretly make the interviewer feeling uncomfortable.

9. Coming unprepared

Coming to a job interview and not knowing at least the following elements, might be perceived as a lack of motivation from your side:

1. The name and the position of the interviewer.

2. Understanding what the job position if about.

3. The company history and founder.

4. The company market position and core product.

10. Asking question in your interest

The last thing, we have often experienced is having candidate who is given the opportunity to ask question, he or she would ask question in their interest, about benefits, time shift, retirement package etc. Those questions are to avoid during the first interview. Instead ask question about the company, the team, or the manager style. You need to demonstrate that you care about the environment in which you will be working in and that you like to know more about goals, objectives so you can start preparing it as soon as possible.

Obviously, it is not because you do one of those points that you will completely fail your job interview, but a job interview is short. Often it lasts about an hour. During this hour, optimize it to be the outstanding candidate.

Be aware of those 10 points and combine it with a great job interview preparation.

  1. Prepare your answers to the 10 most asked questions.

  2. Be aware of your soft skills.

  3. Get a good understanding of what might be the hiring manager needs.

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