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How to be the best candidate in Job Interviews

How to be the best candidate in Job Interviews in 2022... without acting like someone else!

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⚡️ You are looking for a Job in 2022

⚡️ You want to know what makes candidates stand out in Job Interviews

⚡️ You get stressed when going to a job interview and lose your confidence

⚡️ You want professional advice from a job interview coach

⚡️ You don't want just any job. You want to find your dream job


Mastering Job Interviews in just 1 hour

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Hosted by Madeline of The Ambitious 🖐

AKA: Founder of The Ambitious, Fortune 500 Project Manager, Job Search & Job Interview Expert, Coaching Job Seekers for +5 years.

👉 More than 5 Years experience recruiting people all around the globe

👉 Coached more than +1500 Job Seekers since 2019 thanks to The Ambitious

👉 Project Manager in a corporate environment, making sure the tips and tricks taught are up to date with today's market

👉 Helping people to land their dream job, and not just any job. The Ambitious vision is to enable people to be happy in their career

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Be confident in Job Interviews.

In just 1 hour, you will learn...

⚡️ How to effectively answer to job interview questions without having to lie

⚡️ There are more job opportunities for you than you think there are

⚡️ What hiring managers are really looking for in a candidate in 2022

⚡️ Lack of experience can easily be forgotten by a hiring manager

⚡️ Job descriptions are not always telling the truth