Inspiration for your job interview

If you are looking for interview tips, questions to ask at an interview, strengths and weaknesses, softs skills, what to wear for an interview or how to handle small talks, star technique, this page is for you. 

Why The Ambitious ?

With The Ambitious, we propose you to get the lead on your job interview

Affordable price

Prepare for an interview on the ambitious for 39€. Interview preparation should not be a luxury. Get ready for your internship or first job interview. No hidden costs. 

Experienced coach 

The Ambitious has been doing prep interview for many candidates interviewing in different countries, in and outside Europe. Preparing students, graduates and young professionals. 

Low effort experience

Your full job interview preparation in 6 steps from the moment you book until the moment you feel ready for your actual interview.

First time you hear about The Ambitious ?

The Ambitious mission is to rethink the entire job interview preparation process. Instead of struggling to prepare for your interview. The Ambitious proposes you to prepare for a low price with professional advices. 

The Ambitious is a mix of the content we have known and have experienced in our professional life. We have adapted it for your job interview preparation session. Our concepts are based on making your experience straight forward, simple and affordable. All you will see on our website was designed for this intention. 


The Ambitious story is a family one, we aim to help as many job candidates as possible and offer a real solution to the job interview stress so many students and young professionals feel today.