You can find below our most common interview preparation questions.

What does The Ambitious do?

We propose job search and job interview coaching. Meaning we will help you to find a job by coaching you on different aspects. By coaching you, we mean we will evaluate your profile and work on it to optimize it as much as possible and increase your chances to find your dream job.

I am currently interviewing for a job, is this service for me? 

Yes, you're right on time! The Job Search Booster session is made to improve your chances to find your dream Job! 

For the job interview preparation, the services proposed by the ambitious are ideal if you plan to have a job interview in the future or if you currently are in the process of interviewing. During the sessions, the ambitious team approaches common interview questions and topics, as well as interview answers.

How does the service work?

The Ambitious service is meant to be simple and straightforward. You choose the session you prefer, we send you a booking confirmation, you attend the interview skills training or job search booster session on Zoom (video conference platform) or by phone. We coach you on your job search or job interview, you receive additional tips and guidance (interview preparation guide or detailed written feedback). You ace your job interview and find your dream job.

What are the typical interview questions you prepare for? 

For both job interview trainings, The Ambitious reserves a time to coach you on the most common interview questions. Among these questions, we will discuss, interview motivation, interview questions, questions to ask an interviewer, soft skills, interview tips, strengths and weaknesses, reasons for leaving a job, verbal and non verbal communication, tell me about yourself, what to wear for an interview, small talks etc. 

Who are your customers? 

We have helped people from all countries and backgrounds. Students, young employees, managers, entrepreneurs, starters, career switchers from all ages and categories. Our Job Search Booster sessions and Job interview preparations session are meant to help each and everyone. Whatever your interview preparation needs are, The Ambitious can help you out and make sure you maximize your chances.  

What are your conditions and privacy policy?

The Ambitious's terms and conditions and privacy policy are exposed on our website. You can click here to read our terms and conditions and here for our privacy policy. 

What kind of Remote Jobs Europe do you publish? 

We publish Remote Jobs that mention the candidate can apply anywhere in Europe. If the Remote Jobs candidate should be located in a specific country, it will be indicated in the Remote Jobs description. Visit our Remote Jobs Europe board.