About us

The Ambitious adventure is the story of a brother and a sister who climbed the corporate ladders. This, right after completing a business school.


Together we have always shared most of our life components: friends, university, projects, courses and even companies.




Where we come from 

The idea of The Ambitious came right after our graduation. We both had the same realization : you are left alone in this huge jobs posting jungle.  

So, how do you make sure you go the right way, you apply to a job you are qualified for, you start your career the right way and you follow your ambitions ? Between social medias, job posting, competition, lack of experience, we personally felt this was overwhelming.


We have also seen the same happening to our friends.


This is where our journey began.

We want you to never give up your dreams, always follow your path and become the professional you are meant to be.

picture of a young job seeker preparing for a job interview with the ambitious

Reinventing interview skills training

The Ambitious has the objective to make job interview training accessible to everyone. It is affordable, but the price is not all.


We have worked hard on creating a community that has helped us to standardize and deliver all you need to get yourself the utmost job interview training.

Based on experience

Before creating The Ambitious, we have had a complete professional corporate career. Ending up managing international teams, hiring candidates, going through interview processes over and over again.


We came to the simple but true realization that graduates and young professionals are not prepared for job interviews


Professional experiences, coaching job interview candidates added to our business educationnal background, we are armed to prepare The Ambitious community leading the world of tomorrow. 

a picture showing a meeting of join the ambitious team discussing job search
a picture showing two people training on interview question and answers

and on real life

The Ambitious combines the content we have known and have experienced. We customize it for your interview skills training.


Our concepts are based on making your experience straight forward, simple and affordable. Everything you see on our website was designed for this purpose. 

Join The Ambitious

Throughout the journey, The Ambitious has helped young professionals, students, people who wanted to become managers, starting their careers preparing for their job interviews. Our journey is highly rewarded when our customers go to their job interviews with confidence and show the best professional version of themselves. 


The Ambitious goes beyond preparing for interview questions and answers or typical interview questions. Interviewing for a job is not only about what you say but also what you believe in. 


Many of our customers's success stories make us believe The Ambitious was the right project to start and we are very much looking forward to carry on our journey with you, to prepare you for your next job interview. Whether it is your first internship interview or job interview. Simply get ready and book an interview skills training.