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Booked a Job Interview Preparation

I booked a session with the ambitious for an application in a different region. I wanted to ensure I convinced my audience that I would be the right fit.  I spent 3 hours preparing with my coach and I went to my job interview with all the tools I needed. Thanks guys!


Booked a Manager Preparation

I booked a Manager session here because I wanted to move from a junior to a senior position, we worked a full hour on selling my seniority in my job interview answers. I started my new job last week, very happy to see my career moving up!


Booked a Job Search Booster

After 6 months of looking for a Job, I could never get any interviews and was always refused by managers. In this session, we have reviewed my resume and my LinkedIn profile, I feel much more confident with my resume and application in general!

What is The Ambitious ?

The Ambitious is the first Job Interview training online service. We aim to help job candidates and job seekers in their career. By proposing job interview training, job search booster sessions and remote jobs available, we want to facilitate the access to the job market to as much candidates as possible.


With Join The Ambitious, we propose interview preparation training which help you understand what hiring managers are looking for, how to formulate your answers and how to answer to job interview questions.


Our Interview Skills training will make a difference next time you go to a job interview. Among all our trainings, we also propose online sessions to prepare for your consulting job interview or even your career change. 

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