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Go from Job Seeker to Professional in 30 minutes

Book a Job Search Booster and let our coach Madeline guide you through the Job Market maze. In this 100% online session, she will review your resume, your LinkedIn profile and optimize your Job application. 

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a job seeker going through a job interview preparation with the ambitious

Master Job Interviews in 1 hour

Book a Job Interview Preparation and let our coach Madeline guide you through the Job Interview Preparation. In this 100% online session, she will train you on job interview questions, soft skills, unexpected questions and give you a strategy for the big day,

Start the Online Job Interview course

Book the Online Course and let our coach Dorian guide you through 1 hour of on-demand videos to prepare your Job Interview and write your Job Interview answers.

a job seeker going through an online job interview course with the ambitious
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"I booked a session here because I wanted to move from a junior to a senior position, I explained my situation to my coach, and we worked a full hour on selling my seniority in my job interview answers. I started my new job last week, very happy to see my career moving up! I am happy I could get coached for this price, thank you!"

Marine - Senior Designer at Unilever


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